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Industrial metal is the fusion of heavy metal and industrial music, typically employing repeating metal guitar riffs, sampling, synthesizer or sequencer lines, and distorted vocals. Prominent industrial metal acts include Ministry, Godflesh, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Fear Factory and Nine Inch Nails.Industrial metal developed in the late 1980s, as industrial and metal began to fuse into a common genre. Industrial metal did well in the early 1990s, particularly in North America, with the success of groups such as Nine Inch Nails. The industrial metal movement began to fade in the latter half of the 1990s.

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  1. L

    Difference between Boss seal industrial vs military fittings SAE specs

    Hi - attached is 3 pages from the PARKER o ring guide and I am having trouble with specs in the military straight thread tube fitting chart not fitting the designated o-ring. I can't find a different resource for something in my thread size needed - 5/8-18 Does anyone have an alternative...
  2. T

    Appliances Industrial Ovens and Vent location?

    I build large ovens for powder coating. And exhaust vent location on ovens has always been an argued topic. Some people or companies use forced air propane/gas heaters, with fans that blow 30 CFM to 1450 CFM into almost air tight ovens. These ovens range in size from 4Lx4Wx8H' to 15Lx8Wx8H'...
  3. theycallmevirgo

    Industrial CO2 laser temperature management

    Here it is specified that optimum operating temp for industrial C02 laser is within the range 59 °F to 77 °F. This is what is generally specified online, but it leads to a number of questions; How is this measured? Does it refer to the whole unit, or the point of emission of the beam, or some...
  4. E

    Here is a 3D model I made of a large industrial steam turbine

    This is a 3D model I made of a large industrial steam turbine. It was modeled after one of the turbines at the Port Richmond generating station in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I plan on modeling the entire turbine hall of that power plant, but that will take several months, at least. The program...
  5. narayan821

    Does DC or AC work best for charging most industrial batteries?

    I have a source of electricity that's alternating but at variable frequencies. So an asynchronous alternating current of sorts if you will. Can industrial rechargeable batteries be charged like this efficiently? Or would DC current work best? Or normal AC?
  6. H

    Misc. Project: Single Shaft Shredder

    Summary: Single shaft copper shredder I design a rotor of a shredder, but i need to find a motor for the rotor of the shredder. My questions are: 1. What is the best rpm for a copper shredder ( what kind of effects wil the shredder have on high rpm 1200-3000, lower rpm 300-1200 ) 2. what...
  7. kunalvanjare

    Selection of Flocculant for Industrial Wastewater Clarification

    Hey guys, I am interested in designing a machine for clarification (reclaiming) industrial wastewater from a plant. The effluents to be treated would be Spent Degreasing water, spent cnc coolant or other process water. I would be looking to use Flocculants for this purpose. Please see this...
  8. D

    Clear Ice industrial generation issues

    Summary: Problems generating industrial clear Ice tube. The ice is cracking and we don't know why. Summary: Problems generating industrial clear Ice tube. The ice is cracking and we don't know why. Hi all! I'm an engineer from Spain and I'm working in a new project (factory ice). We have...
  9. S

    Physics What types of industrial jobs do physics PhDs tend to land?

    Hi everyone! As have been discussed in many posts here on PF, positions for physics PhDs in academia or similar type of work in government labs are highly competitive and hard to come by. For example, see this post below...
  10. Stella Ch

    Industrial production of a drug host

    What's the best polymerisation method to manufacture a polymer drug host with high molecular weight? Is there a quick method to do so?
  11. M

    Industrial Shelf for Standup Desk: How to Add an Extending Keyboard Shelf

    Hi PF! I'm using this cabinet as a standup desk, so my computer is on the top and my keyboard is on one of the lower shelves. Since the shelves are covered from the top, I can't see my keyboard. I am proficient at typing without looking except when it comes to special characters. Does anyone...
  12. G

    Industrial revolution before the Iron Age?

    Lets suppose for a stroy, that a time traveller arrive in a civilization that hasnt reached iron age yet. He isn't a well qualified engineer or doctor, but he becomes a king. How much he could help their development by simply telling : with really hot fire, you could produce iron, not just shape...
  13. Nikhil N

    Industrial applications of IR communication

    I need some industrial applications where IR is used for communication. Also I need to know whether can I use it to transmit my measured data of torque and temperature (measured using RTD and strain gauge) from a Rotating shaft running at 7500 rpm through IR communication ?
  14. L

    Other Graduate job prospects without industrial year

    I'm a computer science student in the UK. People are telling me that an industrial year placement is crucial for getting a job when you graduate. For various reasons I can't do an industrial year. What are my prospects like in terms of getting a job? I basically have nothing to add to my CV...
  15. M

    Load Cell Choice for dynamic checkweigher system

    Hello everyone, Greetings of the day. My name is Zeshan, I am automation engineer, I am stuck in problem of automation of weighing and sort system in chicken slaughter house using plc and load cell. Everything is done right but load cell is not giving me the right weight to make the right...
  16. CMW328i

    Suitable metal for flooring in an industrial lift + power

    Hi all, first post here. I'm currently faced with an assignment in a class where we really haven't been taught anything and have to figure it out on our own. We've been asked to design an industrial lift system to raise approximately 3000 kg up 25 stories. I have done a lot of research and...
  17. S

    Industrial automation programming

    In regards to programmable logic controllers (like http://ab.rockwellautomation.com/Programmable-Controllers or http://www.schneider-electric.com/en/product-category/3900-pac--plc---other-controllers) ladder, function block, and structured text are commonly used programming methods. As far as...
  18. S

    Engineering Navigating the Transition from Academic to Industrial R&D

    Greetings, I am a master's student in engineering at Koç University(İstanbul/Turkey) and my bachelor's degree is in Physics from Middle East Technical University(Ankara/Turkey). After I finish my master's I would like to pursue a career in industrial R&D abroad; however, it seems that my...
  19. B

    [Fluids] Determine pressure change from industrial jet pump

    Homework Statement The apparatus or "jet pump" used in an industrial plant is constructed by placing the tube within the pipe. The velocity of the flow within the 200-mm-diameter pipe is 2 m/s, and the velocity of the flow through the 20-mm-diameter tube is V = 37 m/s . The fluid is ethyl...
  20. marciokoko

    Calculating 1/4 Earth Arc with Trig

    Is there a way to determine the arc around 1/4 of the Earth without measuring it? I mean like thru trig?
  21. SSGD

    Industrial Event Takt Times (production cycle times) and Probability

    Background: I am a Mechanical Engineer working as an Industrial Engineer. I have collected some data that is the amount of time that an event took to complete. I first assumed it would be normally distributed, but after plotting a histogram and a normal distribution with the data, I doubt...
  22. B

    Industrial Engineering and Management?

    I'd like to go for a master degree. What do you think about Industrial Engineering and Management? I'm also thinking about Manufacturing Engineering. Both are quite broad but having worked in a production industry for over a year I feel like moving from specialist to a manager is tempting since...
  23. DEvens

    Learn the Method of Lines: Textbook Resources for Industrial Problem Solving

    Can anybody suggest good resources for me to learn about the method of lines? I have budget to buy textbooks. The boss has received a "request for proposal" from a client with deep pockets. That means they want us to submit a bid for a contract. The client wants us to apply the method of lines...
  24. J

    Continuous Industrial Processes Over 24 hours

    Hello all, I am wondering if anyone is aware of any continuous processes currently in industry that involve synthesizing some kind of product or material, but takes over 24 hours? I don't mean the entire process itself takes 24 hours or more, but a certain stage of the process, such as the...
  25. thankz

    Need a source for industrial quality water monitor probes

    industrial quality, water proof with corrosion resistant connectors. something a public aquarium would use. it doesn't matter if their capacitance, resistive or voltage sensing. maybe I should have posted this in the chemistry forum but it doesn't really mater I guess.
  26. J

    Exploring Industrial Gas Turbines: Heat Loss and Energy Output

    Hey guys Don't know if this is posted in the right category. doing an technical report on industrial gas turbines. but i am kind of lost. Does anyone have any input to what we can write about? I'm thinking of any problems with the turbines that we can write about. What heat loss and how much...
  27. S

    Transient Stability in industrial network

    Hi All I have done transient stability simulations on isolated electrical network using ETAP 7.5 software. Problem: On buses Faults generators return to stable stade But on cable faults, rotor angle is diverged so the system is not stable. To be noted that we have 2 SOLAR generators of 5MW...
  28. B

    Why are industrial injection molders so big compared to hobby ones?

    I was looking up plastic injection molders for a project, and I noticed that while benchtop injection molders can be very small, industrial ones weigh several tons and take up an entire room! What accounts for this difference in size? Is it simply the capability to apply more pressure, or is it...
  29. B

    Industrial box without adhesive but with tape

    I'm thinking of reducing adhesive consumption in box assembly which has to hold ~7 kg. The assembly process consists of product insertion, glue application on box ends and tapping along the gap (nothing extraordinary here). My question is: Why does a box even need adhesive if it gets tapped...
  30. B

    Programs How to narrow down my Industrial Engineering degree?

    I'm at the end of my IE (Industrial Engineering) bachelor years and during my exchange stay I realized how many IE students there are. I wasn't really sure what IE do but it seems that it is too broad and lacks specialization. However, I chose engineering because I'm not bad at physics/math and...
  31. W

    Eelements of industrial system using uC

    Eelements of "industrial" system using uC I work in Power Electronics (components and stacks) and have a few products I would like to develop using uC - very simple, 1-4 channel PWM systems. My question is - in addition to the core function ( input(s) - process - output(control) - RT...
  32. Ryan_m_b

    Fantasy with industrial and social revolution

    Despite the 20+ answers in this thread I think most of us would agree that life for 99% of fantasy world inhabitants would be awful. Strip away the royal courts, the fellowships, the magic schools etc and most of the time you're left with a feudalistic world full of peasants that have to work 10...
  33. D

    Recommendations for good Industrial Engineering books

    Hi I'm a mechanical engineering that just started my first job. I have learned (to my dismay) that the majority of courses I did at school are very theoretical and completely useless in industry and so I'm basically learning to do my job from scratch. I'm currently involved in the construction...
  34. F

    Thermodynamics: Convection and Industrial PC Heatsinks

    Hi PhysicsForums. I have a question. I was looking through a manual for an industrial grade PC, which is fanless, with the CPU mounted directly onto the chassis which is practically one large heatsink. When considering side-mount applications for this PC, I noticed that the manual had a...
  35. M

    Industrial project related to structural Integrity and failure

    Homework Statement I am doing my internship at Saint Gobain Glass India, Chennai . I have been allotted a project to work in my time at the company . The problem is related to failure of an Mild Steel beam supporting graphite structure in the process line . As such this beam is exposed to...
  36. D

    Example of industrial process

    Hello can someone please give me an example of TWO industrial process which uses and depends on gas pressure or the change in gas pressure. Basically did this but instead wrote about gas Laws uses in different things so have to re do it (didn't read the question as we were learning about gas...
  37. johann1301

    Industrial knowledge as a experimental physicist

    Hi Im in the army, and the army is willing to give me 20 000kr (bout 4000$) to educate myself. F. ex i can take å truck license if i wanted to. I want to become a physisist, either theoretical or expereimental. I was wondering if anybody in this forum would know of any courses which could...
  38. J

    New Business- HELP Industrial Equipment and Electrical question

    Hi, I am a new business that has ordered some electrical equipment. The first is a packing machine and the plug that the machine is being sent I have attached to this post. It is listed as 220v, 3 phase, 50hz but NEMA does not show this to be the same specifications. How will I make...
  39. D

    Industrial Electrical Wiring Codes/Practices

    I'm a mechanical engineer by training. At my current job, I'm designing automation equipment for various processes. Part of that design involves designing basic power circuits to power all the Controllers, robots, PLCs, sensors, etc.. I'm looking for national or state (Massachusetts) codes on...
  40. S

    Space Requirements for Industrial Cabinets

    Quick question. If the manufacturer's specs ask for clearance top and bottom when mounting in the cabinet, does that usually mean actual open space? For example, I am using Watlow Power Controllers that require 4 in. of clearance top and bottom. I have about 2 in. spacing with a 2x3 in...
  41. J

    Avtomatisation of industrial coal burning boiler

    Homework Statement Image: http://www.coal2nuclear.com/Fossil%20Fuel%20Power%20Station%20Core%20-%20Relabeled%20-%20982.jpg I need to know the critical parameters of getting steam, so that i know which measuring instruments to use and where to put them so that following statemnts are true...
  42. C

    Efficiencies of compressor in industrial chiller system.

    Homework Statement Data: http://postimage.org/image/4bb6y6jrd/ Variables: http://postimage.org/image/sk8xnrru5/ Question asks to find mechanical, volumetric and isentropic efficiencies. The test facility is based around a chiller of nominal cooling capacity of 25 kW. The chiller is...
  43. G

    Contemporary Issues In Industrial Systems Engineering?

    Hello Physics Forums! I need a bit of help. I'm aware that this is not a HW thread, but your help is greatly needed. This could be posed as a general discussion question if this is of any concern. An assignment requires that I have to do research of several contemporary issues in ISE...
  44. D

    MCNP industrial radiography

    Hi everyone, I’m a student and in my master degree, I’m working in a project about a bunker for industrial radiography of steel, and I need find some input of mcnp about this matter. Somebody can help me? Thanks a lot
  45. N

    Engineering Wondering which Engineering PhD would be best suited for industrial work.

    Hello forum. I recently graduated with a masters in nuclear engineering and have been trying to apply to jobs with no success. I am starting to wonder if I should go back to school for an engineering/STEM Phd, and if I do, which industries are really hiring? Now I completely understand that...
  46. R

    Transfering product between 2 industrial tanks

    Hi, I need to conduct a product transfer operation and need to submit calculations for approval first but am a bit stuck at this point.. I'm a bit rusty on my fluid dynamics and looking for some tips on how to approach this. I have 2 large capacity liquid propane tanks (24,000 gallons) both...
  47. C

    Is there list/overview of widely available strong/durable industrial fabrics?

    is there list/overview of widely available strong/durable "industrial" fabrics? a common complaint I see in online reviews for various types of durable, weather proof bags is that they actually turn out to be not all that durable. So, suppose I wanted to either be a discriminating shopper...
  48. Femme_physics

    Industrial Electronics Homework Help

    Hi everyone. The last part of my electronics finals this year is industrial electronics, so I decided to go over the questions in industrial electronics...I don't have final answers in our manual :( so I'd appreciate any feedback here. Homework Statement...
  49. S

    Can a graduate student afford his/her time on gaining industrial skills?

    Hi. I will be starting undergraduate studies in mathematics in this autumn. Given the unemployable nature of the subject only with a bachelor's degree, I will most definitely pursue graduate studies. At this point, I am not wholly determined to go for a Ph.D., and I am not sure about my...
  50. A

    Most Influential Invention, or process invention of the Industrial Revolution

    What single invention between 1775 and 1913 has had the biggest impact on humanity and why? Also it could be a process like say the Bessemer process or a simple item like the lightbulb.