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Homework Help: Inequalities between a real number and an imaginary number

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    I'm just having a problem with a step that's part of a larger problem. Specifically, if I have:


    I'm not sure what this actually means. If I ignore the i, each side is the same distance from the origin if I imagine both points on a graph, implying that both sides are equal. But I don't know whether this is a correct interpretation.
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    I don't think without a definition of ##\le## for complex numbers, that means anything, and there isn't a generally accepted one. Perhaps try to solve your problem a different way, or try to figure out what ##\le## means in the context of this problem.
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    As whovian said, the set of complex numbers is NOT an ordered field. Perhaps you intended absolute values? [itex]\left|\sqrt{2}i\right|= \sqrt{2}[/itex].
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    Sorry, yes, I forgot to include the absolute value signs! But it turns out I got a previous step in the problem wrong, anyway...so I'll just post a different topic on the whole thing. Thanks for the replies though :)
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