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Infinite Loops - Symbolic Computer & The Human Mind

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    Im curious if anyone knows if it is theoretically possible to place the human mind into an infinite loop in a similar manner to the placing an electronic computer into one.

    If not, why? What is principle physical/neurological process that prevents this from occuring?
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    The human brain isn't a sequential (uni-processor) machine - so there's not exactly a single place in the brain that can enter a loop and hold up everything else. There may be localized loops in the brain, but these probably won't be infinite either - i think that the neurons in such a local infinite looping network would eventually die since they would likely not be very connected.
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    Theoretically, yes. Practically no.

    Now just follow what I say:

    Start counting from zero, unless you reach 100 and then again start counting from zero and then reach 100 and then again.............

    Try to do it, I bet a mentally stable person would refuse to do that more than twice or thrice.:)

    Computers can do that because they are just semiconductors, processors and stuff fixed on the circuit board. They don't stop it unless they get melted due to overheating.
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    There are examples where people fall into concious behavioural patterns, addictions and habbits are examples i suppose (but there are others).
    However i was also thinking if it was subconcious and/or not something that could be decided on.

    Neuron death is something i was expecting to happen theoretically.
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