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Infinitesimal angular displacement ?

  1. Dec 4, 2009 #1
    How can we proved that the infinitesimal angular displacement is a vector mathematically ?

    Or~how can we prove that a non-infinitesimal angular displacement is not a vector ?
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    This sounds suspiciously like a homework question. If it is, it should really go in the "Homework and Coursework" section.

    I'll get you started on this problem: what are the properties of vectors? Do non-infinitesimal angular displacements obey these properties? How about infinitesimal displacements?
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    It's NOT a homework first ~

    And I am not satisfied with the proof I saw before ~

    The proof I saw is based on the commutative of a vector ~

    I'm now seeking for a new proof which make sense!!
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