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Info on wave mechanics prob in one dimension need

  1. Dec 1, 2005 #1
    Hi there, i need help in a couple of questions that i'm just stumped
    one of them :
    A) use induction to show that
    [ x (hat)^n, p(hat) sub "x" ] = i (hbar)n x(hat)^(n-1)

    - so far I've figured out this equation is in relation to solve the above eq, but I'm not entirely sure how to connect the two
    [ f (x (hat)), p(hat) sub "x"] = i h(bar) (partial F/ partial x) * (x (hat))

    B) I'm not sure how to show the symbol "pitch fork" but i will refer to it as "tsi"

    Show for infinitesimal translation for
    |tsi> --> |tsi'> =T(hat) (dirac delta x)|tsi>
    that <x> ---> <x> + dirac delta x and
    < P (as in momentum) sub x > ----> < P subx >

    SO far I have gotten {T is for hte translator)
    <tsi| T(hat with dagger) (diarc delta x) x T hat (diarc delta x)| tsi>
    = <tsi| (1+(idelta sub x P hat sub x/ hbar) x hat (1- i diarc delta x P sub x /hbar) |tsi>

    I dunno where to go from there tho....
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    Physics Monkey

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    For part A, have you written out your induction hypothesis and verified that the first case is satisfied? Once you've done this, you might try multiplying both sides by x (from the left) and seeing what you can do. As for the formula you have given, I wouldn't think you could use that since its basically what you're trying to prove. If you can use it, you might want to look at the special case where f is a power of x.

    For part B, you're post seems somewhat confusing. Why do you have dirac delta functions in your equation [tex] |\psi'\rangle = \hat{T} |\psi \rangle [/tex]? As I read it now, it looks somewhat nonsensical. Could you check the problem again and then try to be a little more clear about what you're trying to do?
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