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Infrared Drying for firecrackers. Possible?

  1. Nov 29, 2013 #1

    We've been entrusted the job of building a dryer for firecrackers. We were approached by a huge firecracker manufacturing firm here for the job. The current MO of drying is simply laying the product out in the sun and allow evaporation of moisture.

    But now they plan to go in for a more 'sophisticated' approach.

    I know that the whole concept of heating the firecrackers to dry them sounds crazy. But, I believe if I pass them through a tunnel with infrared panels used for drying, and by controlling the temperature and speed of the conveyor, I might be able to achieve it.

    Then again, I'm aware of the concept of dust explosion.

    If anyone can provide some good insight into the topic, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks !
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    Would freeze drying work?
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    Sounds like an interesting idea...

    Is there experimental data how long at which temperature firecrackers need to get dry?
    How many firecrackers per time? That is a critical point, your tunnel won't be as large as areas with sunlight.
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    I like the "Related discussions" below, vacuum drying. Wonder if it even works like that?
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    Vacuum drying with a cold condenser would seem the way to go.

    However, beware that very dry conditions increase risk of static electric discharge and ignition of the fireworks, which is one reason for using wooden implements and make sure metals are well grounded.
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