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Inorganic compounds and their common names

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    I have an extensive list (glossary)of inorganic compounds and their common names,I have to memorize all of them.I am really having hard time.Systematic names are easy to follow and remember but what to do for common names?The glossary contains 30-40 compounds and their common names for each alphabet.I am stuck.
    Please suggest some advice.
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    Revise the names mutliple times each day. Put stickers with the compounds every place of your house (like your fridge, the toiltet) and study them whenever you come to that place. Make flash cards and use them. Look up information about the compound on wikipedia and try to associate the compound to cool things.
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    Make a tune that you can sing them to, or put them into the tune of a song you like. Music is sticky stuff. It sticks to your brain, and I bet that a year from now, you'd still be able to sing your Inorganic Compounds Song.
    I use this method a lot and it's quite amazing how well it works. They say that those suffering from Alzheimer's can often still remember songs they learned when they were young.
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    I suggest that you seek out some of these compounds in your home, garage, and supermarket shelves. (Note I said SOME.) Examine the containers, noting the listed uses, warnings and first aid recommendations, the active constituent or list of ingredients and percentage concentration, and the container substance itself. For open containers note the colour and odour of the contents. Do a google search on some of these to find more interesting details.

    Allocate a flash card to each compound on which you make a list of these details. Read it, memorize it.

    Once you have committed details about some common compounds that are able to put your hands on, you will find that it becomes easier to memorize details of others, even where you don't have access to them.

    ‣ what is the chemical formula of Cream of Tarter, what was its original source, in common use what reaction does it participate in and what chemical does it react with?
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    James Pelezo

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    Look up the origin of the common name and why it is associated with the given compound. Here's a start, Why is calcium hydroxide called quicklime? See link ... https://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20140914121253AAjVUlL . Surf the internet and read more on each compound. I think It will make the study more interesting ... Good surfing.
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    The first thing you would find is that calcium hydroxide is not ever referred to as quick lime. Calcium oxide has that moniker.

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    James Pelezo

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    Thanks, I stand corrected... I meant slaked lime.
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