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Inside subspace, hyperspace and cosmic strings

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    we sway into scifiction which i want to be realistic:

    How is it inside Subspace or Hyperspace or a cosmic string (from the perspective of different theories)?
    Can we even enter cosmic strings (if we say we had the technology)?
    Has the subspace (enbedded in our 4 dimensions) or the hyperspace (it surrounds us) a mass ?

    What means 1-dimensional, i understand it´s one line and only forward or backward, but what are the consequences for ppl entering it ?
    Is there a time-dimension (4th dimension, or here the 2th), does it mean there is no time ?
    If theres no time will we (the space ship) freeze when we enter ?

    What do the leading theories say about the subspace, hyperspace and cosmic strings (and the String Theories) ?
    Are SS, HS and CS conflicting with quantum machanics or with one of theories of relativity ?

    Did any of the prestigious scientists describe a realistic characteristic (how it is inside) of the SS HS or CS ?

    Here is a hypothetical scifiction scenario i have, but i dont know how realistic it is:
    we enter a cosmic string, or the subspace or hyperspace. The cosmic strings are predicted to be 1-dimensional but i dont know about the SS or HS.
    If we say it´s a place without time, the space ship will be everywhere at the same (or freeze). Now if we find the way out, we travelled in no-time through the HS, SS or CS (even faster than Star Treks warpspeed). Like a cosmic string from one star to another star, we enter it and have arrived in 1 second (overlooking the mass of such a lightyears long cosmic string).
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    far too many speculations and questions to be answered in a forum like this.

    When you get down to Planck size, about 10-33 cm or so, lengths,volumes, etc, things become very chaotic and it is believed everything is "lost" in quantum foam....undulations of sub microscopic energy...And time may be merged into space, forces may lose their large scale properties.....

    Another way to think about this "uncertainty" is that even if you take a particle of decent size, like an electron, and try to confine it in a tiny volume, it gets erratic, moves around wildly and is very difficult to observe...that's part of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. That's because the particle wavelength is confined, meaning its frequency and therefore it's energy is boosted...so maybe when you look on small scales you don't "see" it, like observing an ant on a tree and never noticing all the foliage and roots.

    Cosmic strings have been theorized to possibly extend across the entire universe...and perhaps two dimensional strings, membranes, will be found to be bigger...none have been experimentally detected yet.

    And so far extra dimensions appear to be too tiny to be detected...rolled up into tiny
    Calabi- Yau shapes.....but maybe one day by gravitational probes...on the other hand Lisa Randall has some theories on large dimensions of hyperspace....

    So far it appears three dimensionas of space and one of time is where we exist....but parallel univserses have also been theorized.
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