What is hyperspace: Definition and 19 Discussions

In science fiction, hyperspace (also known as nulspace, subspace, overspace, jumpspace and similar terms) is a concept relating to higher dimensions as well as parallel universes and a faster-than-light (FTL) method of interstellar travel. Its use in science fiction originated in the magazine Amazing Stories Quarterly in 1931 and within several decades it became one of the most popular tropes of science fiction, popularized by its use in the works of authors such as Isaac Asimov and E. C. Tubb, and media franchises such as Star Wars.
One of the main reasons for the popularity of the concept is the impossibility of faster-than-light travel in ordinary space, which hyperspace allows writers to bypass. In most works, hyperspace is described as a higher dimension through which the shape of our three-dimensional space can be distorted to bring distant points close to each other, similar to the concept of a wormhole; or a shortcut-enabling parallel universe that can be travelled through. Usually it can be traversed – the process often known as "jumping" – through a gadget known as a "hyperdrive"; rubber science is sometimes used to explain it. Many works rely on hyperspace as a convenient background tool enabling FTL travel necessary for the plot, with a small minority making it a central element in their storytelling. While most often used in the context of interstellar travel, a minority of works focus on other plot points, such as the inhabitants of hyperspace, hyperspace as an energy source, or even hyperspace as the afterlife.
The term occasionally appears in scientific works in related contexts.

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  1. BadgerBadger92

    Preorder the Hyperspace Watch "Black Hole" Edition

    Just preordered a “Black Hole” version of the watch. It tries to mimic what it would look like to travel through a wormhole, in celebration of Einstein’s theory of relativity.
  2. M

    Mysteries of hyperspace in Star Wars?

    I was reading the Star Wars YT-1300 Complete Reference Manual and it mentioned that their are some aspects of hyperspace that remain a mystery aside from those well-established facts acknowledged by all competent astrophysicists. What could be one of the main mysteries? I can’t think of any.
  3. B

    How Hyperspace Time Variances Could Affect Commerce

    Scenario: Three types of scifi hyperdrives are available to you. Class I: A small drive that can be fitted on small vessels. Hyperspace travel time is a lightyear covered per 30 minutes. Yet in reality, outside 30 days passes for every 30 min of hyperspace travel. So about 2 hours would get you...
  4. ChrisisC

    B Flatlanders in the 3rd dimension "Hyperspace"

    Is the 4th dimension right under our noses? In the book "Hyperspace" written by Machio Kaku (fantastic book, check it out), Kaku uses what he calls "flatlanders" to depict how, us, 3 dimensional people, could actually be involved in the 4th SPACIAL dimension (4th dimension is not used in the...
  5. N

    Sci-fi FTL and hyperspace jumps and their worries

    I didn't really know where to put this, so I just put it here. What I wanted to discuss was the following: often in sci-fi movies or series they have the capability to travel faster than light one way or another. Whether it is by means of FTL, hyperspace, wormholes or whatever they always...
  6. L

    I have been reading a book on hyperspace and again the author has gone

    I have been reading a book on hyperspace and again the author has gone back over EINSTEIN,s space gravity thing. And i have this problem that reoccur,s everytime this happens which is many times over many years and its this. All the authors seem to be saying that when a planet gets to the...
  7. S

    Remote-Sensing Quantum Hyperspace by Entangled Photon Interferometry

    http://arxiv.org/abs/1101.2223 Abstract Even though ideas of extracting future-related, or Faster-Than-Light (FTL) information from hyperspace using quantum entanglement have generally been refuted in the last ten years, in this paper we show that the original 'Delayed Choice Quantum...
  8. P

    Comparing Quantum Foam with Vacuum Energy and the relationship to hyperspace

    Ok I been trying to figure partially exactly what things in Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory, QED, or any physics that matter gave rise to concepts of things like hyperspace and multiverse and other theories that seem to have more of a fictional history and origin than the original...
  9. Q

    Inside subspace, hyperspace and cosmic strings

    we sway into scifiction which i want to be realistic: How is it inside Subspace or Hyperspace or a cosmic string (from the perspective of different theories)? Can we even enter cosmic strings (if we say we had the technology)? Has the subspace (enbedded in our 4 dimensions) or the...
  10. snoopies622

    Can a 4D Schwarzschild Manifold be Embedded in 5D Hyperspace?

    Can a 4-dimensional manifold with the Schwarzschild metric be embedded into a flat manifold of 5 (or more if necessary) dimensions? In other words, are there functions of t,r,\theta , \phi and M such that if x_1 = f_1 (t,r,\theta ,\phi ,M) x_2 = f_2 (t,r,\theta ,\phi ,M) . . etc...
  11. D

    Hyperspace: What Is It & What Belongs?

    Can you please tell me what it is ? I know linear space but don't know hyperspace. What will belong to hyperspace ?
  12. B

    Hyperspace engine (Heim's Quantum Theory)

    A hyperspace (faster then c) engine is being worked on by the U.S. It would work by going into another dimension based of of Heim's Quantum Theory. How realistic is this and could we go faster then c with enough energy like in the experiment. Obviously not relevant to us but in parallel? If you...
  13. I

    Causality & Hyperspace: FTL Communication Paradoxes

    As far as I understand, FTL communication (or instantaneous communication) is impossible because one cannot define what "instantaneous" means, so you run into problems. What if there were some kind of sub-/hyperspace with an absolutlely defined time and instantaneous messaging? Do the paradoxes...
  14. M

    Experimental proof of hyperspace?

    Will there ever be any form of experimental proof of multiple dimensions, even any thought experiment which would be able to proof or disprove the existence of one?
  15. P

    Lost in Cyberspace: Can't Find HyperSpace Posts

    OK, I give up. Categories seem to have been moved. I cannot find where the postings from hyperspace in cyberspace have been moved to. Can someone clue me in?
  16. K

    Is there a mathematical explanation for the sci-fi concept of hyperspace?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperspace Are there any mathematical explanations to this sci-fi concept of hyperspace? Can there be? What do you think?
  17. S

    Exploring Hyperspace Travel: Questions & Aesthetics

    I have some various questions for a story I'm writing. How much energy is required to access a higher dimension? Could Fusion Reactors or Quantum Singularities provide enough energy? How much faster than the speed of light do you travel, or do you just arrive instantaneously? Is...
  18. J

    Information aboot the theory of hyperspace

    i need help for a physics paper i need a link to the site w/ the most information aboot the theory of hyperspace! thanks!
  19. E

    Book review here is for Hyperspace

    The book review here is for Hyperspace, authored by Michio Kaku. As the name suggests, the book is focused on the concept of higher dimensions and their applications in physics. More specifically, the books covers a wide range of topics, from the history of hyperspace, extra dimensions in...