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Integer partitioning problem - for fun

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    I have a user input of 2 integers (m,n)
    Then my system will generate 1 list of M (m,n < M) integers that start at m and end at Mth integer of value xM. The formula to calculate xM is followed by
    After the list is generated I randomly delete N (N << M) rows from it and given that my system isn't allowed to remember (m,n), how can I find out what values (m,n) were ?

    For example
    M=5 => L={2,7,12,17,22}
    deleting L2,4 yields L={2,12,22}
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    In general case you can't.

    I would start checking what all xi-xi-1 (actually every xi-xj) have in common.
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    As Borek says, you can't do this if you don't know ##N## and ##M##. But you can statistically analyze what the ##n## and ##m## values likely might have been.
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