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Integration has to do with a square shape

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    Hi I have mentioned yesterday some integrals that have a circle in the symbol... I think the integration has to do with a square shape... What is this? Where i can find more info?

    Also do u know what anadelta means?
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    I suppose you mean something like [itex]\oint {}[/itex], which represents an integral over a closed path.
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    Thx a lot if we want to calculate the area of a square.. Lets assume that the square has the following 4 point a b c and d.. How should i use the integral?
    Thx a lot
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    I don't think you'd be using a (closed) path integral for that purpose.
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    You could use Green's theorem to convert the double integral one would normally used to find area into a path integral but that's the hard way!
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