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Intelligence Enhancement using Viral Vectors

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    I am starting this thread to discuss the ideas mentioned in 2 book I recently read called Wired and Amped. These books are based around what happened after a very gifted biologist used viral vectors, which are viruses bred and created to insert, fix, or alter genes in cells for a controlled amount of time.

    These are used to basically rewire a person's brain so they are able to much more fully access their brain power and memory, somewhat like an autistic savant, but in a way that is much more focused without most of the social disabilities associated with it. It does this to an extent where your iq would probably be in the thousands but is immeasurable because of it. It also says you would have complete control of your body at a cellular level, to the point where you could change your vitals to make your heart stop to fake death and then restart it on command, or to be able to redirect your body's cell's to heal wounds faster.

    This happens by inserting a certain amount of the virus, about enough to last an hour, into a pill which is swallowed and dissolved in the stomach, where the viruses head directly for the brain.

    It also talks about how at this level of activity the brain uses so much energy it completely saps you of energy and glucose so you have to eat copius amounts of fatty snack foods such as muffins to make up for it. Along with this side effect the person is also supposed to be turned into something like a sociopath during their hour long enhanced state, where they are completely free from any emotional or ethical baggage to the point where they will due anything to achieve their goals as long as it doesn't affect their normal selves, including killing someone in their way.

    What I want to know is rather this might be possible in any way and whether these side effects would really happen, along with whether if the energy sapping side effect could be stopped by having fat cells consumed as energy. Any thoughts?
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    Conscious control of cellular activity? Sorry but this is just pure science fiction and this forum doesn't exist to speculate so wildly.

    If you want to talk about real biology that is vaguely similar I suggest you read up on gene therapy and nootropics. If you have specific questions about these once you have done some research feel free to start a thread.
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