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Homework Help: Interactive fields in QFT - the φ^3 example

  1. Jul 3, 2007 #1
    Does anybody knows a textbook, a paper or any lecture notes that discusses the [tex]\phi^3[/tex] interactive field? I use as main reference Ryder's QFT, which discusses only the [tex]\phi^4[/tex] interaction. And most similar textbooks (like Peskin's, Brown's etc.) do so.

    I have derived the point functions and currently trying to renormalize the [tex]\phi^3[/tex] theory, so I'd like to compare my results with the right ones. Thanx!
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    I would suggest to post this question in the quantum physics board (or even possibly in the Particle Physics board which is not as active but would have more people having done quantum field theory)
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