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Homework Help: Interception of a poliece car with speeder from rest

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    a speeding motorist traveling at 130km/h passes a stationary police officer. the officer immeaditly begins pursuit at a constant acceleration of 9.3km/h/s (note the mixed units) how much time will it take for the police officer to catch the speeding motorist, assuming the motorist mations a constant speed?

    hey guys ive really been stumped on this one for a while and would really apricate some help to get through it. thank a ton
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    Hi lam4595, welcome to PF. Can you show what you've tried already?
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    You can assume that the police started at rest in this problem since it didn't say otherwise,so you need to convert units then use acceleration logic to see when he will catch him.

    I like to transform in problems like this the units to SI units to get a better feel for the numbers,but its up to you to choose which unit u want to work with.
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