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Interest in Linear algebra and Differential Equations?

  1. Jul 14, 2012 #1
    I'm a college student whose been force enrolled in Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. No offence to math lovers but I don't find them very interesting. I study much better in courses which I find interesting so could someone please point out interesting applications of L.A. and D.E. (which would appeal to non-math majors).

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    What exactly is your field of study? That might help determine what the relevant applications are.
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    Yeah best to follow Muphrid's advice before trying to motivate differential equations. But Linear Algebra might be easier. It would seem to be relevant anytime you have multiple input and multiple output. For instance in business. Engineering. Et cetera. Differential Equations might be seen as one of many extensions of Calculus, and DEQs might be looked at as the effort to take local informations about rates, and try to find global information. In business, you might know the market is changing right now, and that might help you find a future price. If you have multiple outputs, then about halfway through some differential equations, they implement the use of Linear Algebra. This is likely an oversimplification of a real job.

    If you don't think you like math, and don't want to go further, you might consider this quarter as a little wax-on, wax-off, like how "Daniel-san" in the first Karate Kid didn't want to wax Mr Miyagi's classic car, he just wanted to learn to fight. It's all helping you become a real winner.
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    Depending on the branch of biology, differential equations are probably going to be useful for dynamics of populations, rates of reactions, and such. I admit, linear algebra might not be so useful unless you go into maybe computational work--I once had an interest in simulations of proteins, for instance, and matrix operations are pretty much inextricably tied to any numerical work.
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