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Interesting mechanics questions

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    I've ecountered three interesting problems lately:
    1. On a motionless sphere you can lay a cylinder. In what conndtions it is possible? After we move cylinder by a little degree it starts to vibrate and after a short period of time it goes back to the static situation. Why?
    2. When mooring (hope I use a good word ;)) a ship you only need to wrap a line around a spherical wood piece 2-3 times and after that you should have a loose not moving end of a line left. The question was how does the fricition behave in dependence from degree. Is it periodic?
    3. When a drop of water is put on a very hot electric burner it starts to move around without evaporating but when the burner is a little bit colder water evaporates momentally. Why?
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    Hi corvus606, welcome to PF. In these forums it's typical to describe your own solution efforts first, including where you ran into trouble. That way we all see each other's various problem-solving styles. Also, it lets the forum members help you figure out the answer rather than just giving you the answer. So what are your thoughts on the problems?
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    This (entire) question is not worded properly in English...I do not know what you mean...for one thing, did you mean a cylindrical shape (shape of a flagpole) wood rather than spherical (round like a ball??)...

    I have no idea what you are asking here. But there is nothing periodic in your example...If the end of the line is left loose a vertical cylinder tie will likely fall of its own weight...
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