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Homework Help: Interesting system of ODE, application in physics?

  1. Mar 10, 2009 #1
    Hi all,
    I have a project to do for system of ordinal differential equations and their applications in physics.
    One of my tasks is to find where in physics the following system of ordinal differential equations appear:

    dA2(x)/dx=f(x).A1(x)+ h(x).A2(x)+ g(x).A3(x)
    dA3(x)/dx= g(x).A2(x)

    Could someone help me?
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    Also application of higher dimensional system could be useful

    dA2(x)/dx= g(x).A4(x)
    dA3(x)/dx= k(x).A4(x)
    dA4(x)/dx=f(x).A1(x)+ g(x).A2(x)+ k(x).A3(x) +h(x).A4(x)

    or application of lower dimensional system
    dA1(x)/dx=-f(x).A1(x)+ g(x).A2(x)
    dA2(x)/dx= g(x).A1(x)+ f(x).A2(x)
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