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Interesting topics in network security?

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    I need to come up with a topic to present in one of my classes but I'm having a hard time coming up with something. I thought about doing a presentation on video security or how a cable box is securing the incoming video but someone else is doing it. I thought about maybe doing it on some type of encryption scheme but it seems kind of boring. That said, does anyone know of any interesting topics in cryptology and network security?
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    For my effective public speaking class, I presented on how to save a video from youtube. Class loved it, teacher.. not so much..
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    I have always enjoyed using a packet sniffer to demonstrate how an SSL certificate works. Best way to demonstrate is by running 2 computers, one the sniffer and one the "victim." It is quite an eyeopener.
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    sounds interesting though i don't have to demo anything, just present an idea. I'll look into this
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    If you aren't doing a demonstration, you could always explain how a DoS attack works. The packet sniffer is great if you do a demo though.
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    DoS Attacks

    Those are the most basic fundamentals. I have worked for romainggear,com for a while. Got some good deals but I would set up computers and try to use DoS on them. Essentialy it is a great deal to learn but not hard to see. i like that idea.
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