What is Security: Definition and 187 Discussions

Security is freedom from, or resilience against, potential harm (or other unwanted coercive change) caused by others. Beneficiaries (technically referents) of security may be of persons and social groups, objects and institutions, ecosystems or any other entity or phenomenon vulnerable to unwanted change.

Security mostly refers to protection from hostile forces, but it has a wide range of other senses: for example, as the absence of harm (e.g. freedom from want); as the presence of an essential good (e.g. food security); as resilience against potential damage or harm (e.g. secure foundations); as secrecy (e.g. a secure telephone line); as containment (e.g. a secure room or cell); and as a state of mind (e.g. emotional security).
The term is also used to refer to acts and systems whose purpose may be to provide security (e.g.: security companies, security forces, security guard, cyber security systems, security cameras, remote guarding).
Security is not only physical but it can also be Virtual.

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  1. fluidistic

    Enforce the use of different sets of characters for passwords?

    Why do most websites enforce the use of different sets of characters when creating a password? This is less secure than choosing a password from different sets of characters uniformly randomly. If we take an example of a 2 characters password and the 2 sets "letters" and "digits", if we use the...
  2. U

    Can I use VPN at this forum?

    Is it allowed to use VPN at this forum, or software recognize VPN as spam?
  3. DaveC426913

    What is the advantage of the app?

    On a whim, I installed the PF app. It looks exactly the same. I assume there's maybe some extra security to it, but does it do anything obvious for me?
  4. W

    Apps having access to Android Camera

    Should any Android apps be given access to its( Android) camera? Re a blackmailing email I recently received, I want to cover as many security angles as possible. So I recently checked the list of apps in my Android that have access to my camera. There were a few, WhatsApp and Google being...
  5. shivajikobardan

    Why should not I add current directory to PATH in Linux?

    I get that if I put current directory in PATH like said above, I can execute commands from any directory. But what's the problem in that? How's other person able to come and execute it? Why does it makes system unsecure compared to the case where we don't put current directory to PATH? Can you...
  6. M

    A computer security question: Too many 'date modified folders'?

    Hello. I need to ask about my folders. My 26,263 folders became 'date modified' in 8 minutes. I created those folders and I am aware they stood there. I think any human being can't be so quick. It seems that this is a good news bad news scenerio, and the only good reason I can think of for...
  7. shivajikobardan

    MHB Operational Security: What Does It Mean?

    I understand everything except operational security. What is that trying to say?
  8. anorlunda

    How Can You Enhance Your Personal Internet Security Beyond Basic Passwords?

    I'm impressed by this article. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/10/securing-your-digital-life-part-2/ It discusses more than just choosing passwords and more than Internet security.. Do you disagree with the article? Do you have additional security tips that you use?
  9. kyphysics

    My Avast Premium Security Gives Me This Scary Message

    The above message keeps popping up several times per hour since this morning. I looked up the "SWF..." thing and Google seems to suggest it is some vulnerability associated with Adobe Flash. The problem is, I can't seem to find Adobe Flash installed on my computer. I typed "Control Panel" and...
  10. B

    My landlord wants my social security # to look at utility bills

    I live in Buffalo N.Y. and our building is owned by Peoples Inc. They just purchased our apartment buildings from Olmsted Inc. last year. We were just given letters asking for our utility account numbers and our social security numbers so they can look at our accounts when ever needed for usage...
  11. Wrichik Basu

    10-year old security vulnerability in sudo fixed (CVE-2021-3156)

    There was a Heap-based Buffer Overflow, allowing privilege escalation to root via sudoedit -s and a command-line argument that ends with a single backslash character. The vulnerability was discovered earlier this month by researchers at Qualys and reported to the developers. Check out their...
  12. S

    Raspberry Pi : Security of online account logins

    Should one avoid logging into important accounts like Google / Gmail / e-commerce from a Raspberry Pi -- or is it just as safe as logging in from a regular PC? Or, is it actually safer, considering that it is Linux?
  13. Z

    Physics Security Clearance required when applying for jobs related to math and physics?

    I have a quick query. When I'm applying to jobs related to math and physics (software engineer, data analyst, data scientist, python developer, quantitative analyst, programmer, research analyst, etc), I am seeing a good portion of them requiring a security clearance. Is this something others...
  14. S

    Comp Sci RSA system with p=17, q=11 and e=3. Find m corresponding to c=156

    OFFICIAL SOLUTION: d=e^(-1) mod 160=107 mp= c^(d) mod p=7 mq:=c^(d) mod q=7 MY THOUGHTS: I understand how d = 107, but I got that by using m = (17-1)(11-1) = 160. What I don't understand is the next two lines (from the official solution). I am aware of the P = C^d mod n (decryption) formula...
  15. nomadreid

    Johns Hopkins Global Security Index

    I emphasize that I am not posing a rhetorical question, and am not trying to make a political statement (and would ask all respondents to steer clear of politics), but would genuinely appreciate knowing whether the report in question is considered valid by those in the field who are impartial...
  16. fluidistic

    Amazon's Kindle security isn't top

    If one wants to buy ebooks or consult his own ebooks on his Kindle, he must link his Kindle with his Amazon account. This means entering the password. The average Joe should use a password manager, and since Amazon allows extra characters to be used in the password, the average Joe should also...
  17. anorlunda

    Security Versus Programming Language

    The following quote caught my eye. I presume that buffer overflow, heap management, and pointer validation are the shortcomings of C that lead to insecurity. But the broader implications make me curious. What other features of a programming language directly aid security of the products...
  18. B

    How Did a Catfish Hack Into a Google Account Without a Password?

    So I had a friend that was catfish and he gave the catfish his google email. Some how the catfish was able to hack into his google account. my question is how ? They did not know his password, so they would had had to tried thousands of combinations before guessing it right, why did Google not...
  19. T

    Forensic analysis using Memory Dump

    I'm in my second year in college and I've taken an Operating Systems course that has a project component. I've been assigned Memory Forensics as my project topic. On approaching the professor I was told that I need to attempt to attack the Linux Kernel ( I'm guessing that means I need to write...
  20. E

    Calculators Anti-virus and Internet Security Software

    I used to use Kaspersky Internet Security/Total Security, but recently Best Buy has stopped selling it for some political reason. What are other software tools that are best in protecting computers from viruses and other cyber threats? Thanks in advance
  21. C

    Can Glass Registers Enhance Quantum Computer Security?

    I was wondering, I recently discovered, but don't have the article, that there is a security technology that involves the superposition of photons across a fiber optic link. I was wondering could a glass register more adequately create a quantum computer for peoples usage than an actual atomic...
  22. R

    What is threat intelligence (cyber security)?

    I just got to learn about TI (threat intelligence) in my high school. I need some advice - helpful website for get useful information and thesis dealing with cyber security
  23. Wrichik Basu

    Security problems with my home PC

    I have a PC at my home with Windows 7, 32-bit. It is used by my father and me, on the administrator account, which is the only user in the computer. Since a few months, while clearing the contents of the "temp" folder (accessed by %temp% from Run option in start), I am finding that several...
  24. kyphysics

    Genetic Engineering of Intelligence & National Security

    I've been listening to the likes of neuroscientist Sam Harris and physicist Stephen Hsu (who seems to have turned his interests towards genomics research these days) discuss the future of human life, given genetic research and cutting edge knowledge in this area. I think it was Hsu who said...
  25. M

    Being a PC/IT Security Professional

    How much time does being a PC security professional require in general or at least? Is it possible to be a PC/IT security professional by only watching training videos? We learn maths via solving examples on paper how can a security professional student his or her topics? Are white-hat hackers...
  26. Wrichik Basu

    Is the security of PF at stake?

    I am a daily visitor to the Science and Maths Textbooks forum. I have enabled the option to watch the forum, so that everyone time a new thread is posted, I'm notified by email. Recently, however, I got email notification for three threads that were spam. Two of them were already removed when I...
  27. S

    Security alert for python libraries

    This security alert http://www.nbu.gov.sk/skcsirt-sa-20170909-pypi/ warns against fake python libraries: containing "malicious (but relatively benign) code".
  28. M

    Firewall parameters and PC security

    I have installed an antivirus. But one day I realized that somebody was controlling my PC. Then I installed a firewall. There are lots of attempts to my PC which are recoreded in the firewall. I am very confused why these are happening and who they are, how they can do this. Now some important...
  29. W

    Is Cloud Storage a Safer Option for Protecting Windows Files?

    Hi All, There are certain options to protect information on Windows: restricting access to files, encryption, etc. Still, since it is possible to disable or change the admin password, is there any reasonable measure left to protect files (Assuming here that admin logins have unrestricted...
  30. V

    Engineering Job security for Power Engineers

    Hello, I am going to start school soon for E.E with an emphasis in Power Systems Engineering, I live in NYC and am 21 y.o. I've been reading forum responses across the web from unemployed engineers (Unhealthy habit I know), people don't specify what they specialize in hence the query. I am...
  31. B

    RF Network for 2-Way Communication, Security, 3.5x1.5mi Community

    I need a RF network that has this : 1) two way communication. 2) Security 3) can work in a 3.5 x 1.5 mile community : with houses, trees, buildings and a park ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Box_Hill_North,_Victoria). 4) have about 1000 endpoints. 5) low power and low cost would Xbee be...
  32. G

    Other How can I finance my son's MS in network security in Canada?

    Hi friends! My son is an Electronics and communication degree holder from India .He is keen to join MS in network security in Canada. One of our concern is Financial.Please guide . Thanks!
  33. sunbeam667

    Terahertz scanner: does it work?

    Hello everyone! Maybe someone good at this topic or met this problem before, because I was really confused reading about this << Link deleted by Mentors as Spam >> Can someone tell me: does it actually work? And how terahertz radiation can influence on the human body, considering that THz waves...
  34. S

    Engineering Security Clearance in Aero/Mech Industry: Criminal Background & No Conviction

    I have a bachelor's in aerospace engineering, and currently doing my masters in mechanical&aerospace. I would like to work in the aerospace industry upon graduation. I am interested in companies such as Space X, Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed, NASA, etc... and I presume most of these would require...
  35. J

    Bug Trace of a Bug Observed: Unsent Forum Messages

    The typing window, which on top of it has the text "Have something to add" and also the arrow pointing downwards, sometimes behaves slightly unpleasantly if you have multiple tabs open on the browser. It could be that I write something in one tab, change my mind, and erase what I wrote without...
  36. PhotonSSBM

    News Michael Flynn has resigned from the National Security Council

    For those out of the loop, it was shown that he broke a law(s) outlined in the Logan Act by performing diplomatic duties in contacting Russian government officials. There are a lot of rumors about what he said and the implications it has on how Trump is viewing his relationship with Russia...
  37. S

    NIST SP 800-160, Systems Security Engineering

    Looks like a lot of good stuff, I know what I’m doing this weekend! Summary document on SP 800-160: http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/nistbul/itlbul2016_12.pdf SP 800-160, Systems Security Engineering: http://dx.doi.org/10.6028/NIST.SP.800-160
  38. G

    Java Almost all older useful (physics) java applets blocked

    Hi. I have lots of bookmarks to splendid physics Java applets, but most of them are a bit dated. Many of them get blocked by current Java versions. To make them work I have to go to the Windows control panel, open Java control panel, add the page to the exception site list and restart the...
  39. A

    How to reset admin password of my Acer computer?

    My GF forgot the password of her old acer laptop, which she didn't use much. Now she asked to me to help her recover the password. I only know reinstall the os but this will erase the data on the computer. What is the method i can use to reset the password without losing any data?
  40. M

    Introductory books on computer security

    Would somebody like to adivse me simple introductory books on computer security. I know I could make a Google search but I hope advises are better and there is no previous thread about introductory books on related topic. Thank you.
  41. M

    An HTML and computer securIty question

    Hi, some of my html and txt files have added the extension .crypt, i.e, they have become .txt.crypt and .htm.crypt. Now I deletes .crypt extension from .htm files but now they do not open correctly. How can I open correctly with internet explorer? Thank you.
  42. Sophia

    Random thoughts: computers, Internet, security and privacy

    I create this thread to continue discussion with @jim hardy and @WWGD started elsewhere https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/any-popular-non-biased-and-reputable-sources-of-politics.827409/page-4#post-5422569 Any topic concerning computers and internet can be discussed here I don't know, but...
  43. G

    Engineering Nuclear Engineering Level "Q" Security Clearance?

    Hello, I'm a freshman in college, currently dual majoring in Nuclear Engineering and Physics. Recently, it has been brought to my attention that to secure an internship in the nuclear (or some physics) fields, I would need to obtain level L security clearance with the DOE, and further on to get...
  44. J

    Getting into internet/network security

    Lately I have been getting interested in internet/network security (an area of study which I am guessing is a subset of computer security). I use to do a little bit of programming a long time ago, but since it has been so long, let's assume that I have no programming experience. I am a math...
  45. C

    Total security communication system

    Setting: 1) System should allow gov total surveillance of citizens (From the good side there would gov provided cloud computing, cloud storage and free WiFi equivalent for all. ;) ) Violent crime rate would be already low, the system is more planed for fighting tax evasion, suicide, wasting too...
  46. J

    Physics behind magnetic security gates?

    Hello, I recently walked through the gates of my local library with my hard drive magnets clipped onto my fingers, and I noticed that they were vibrating. I've been looking on the internet and I also found radio-frequency identification systems. Could someone please explain the physics behind...
  47. Alexi-dono

    [python] How can I get my OS to pick this up as entropy?

    So I am going to be making some keys; and I want to make them more random... So I made this: #I know that the code is pretty crude, but it works. #P.S. it is an infinite loop, run at your own risk import random from random import randint import string import time x=1 n=randint(5,90)...
  48. P

    Cyber/network Security career advice?

    Hello! First of all, I am relatively new to these forums. I had a few nagging questions. I think this is the right place to post this thread...? But anyways, in college, I am currently pursuing a degree in Information Technology. I'm planning on focusing more on cyber security as I've always...
  49. Lizabella

    Windows security for different user types

    I am using Windows 8.1. Right-clicking on my drive C, where I install windows, and choosing properties shows me the security tab. I see some groups and users that have privileges to use the drive. What if I delete all of them and add only my own username in there ? For instance, can I still boot...
  50. A

    Can i work in IT security if I have a SEALED juvenile record of petty theft?

    Can i work in IT security if I have a sealed juvenile record of petty theft? I was 16 when i was caught shoplifting items worth $200 in total. Now 21 and studying Computer Science, I have to choose a concentration of Computer Science to study. I'm wondering if a SEALED juvenile record of...