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Intergration to find work is from 0 to Y

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    I have a question. If i have an object let say a circular cylinder buried underneath the earth surface with X as its depth. I'm looking for the total work to plumb the oil or water that is in the cylinder to the surface

    if the cylinder stand virtically and has water or oil in it(Y as its depth of water or oil) then the intergration to find work is from 0 to Y. Right??

    and if the cylinder stand horizontally still with oild or water in it then the intergration is from the top part of th cylinder (the diameter)to the surface(diameter+ X), right??

    and what if their is no oil in the cylinder? what would the intergration be?
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    Hi d_b! :smile:

    I don't follow … if there's no oil, what are you plumbing? :confused:
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    Re: intergration(work)

    hm...good question. i totally didn't see that. Anyhow still if i was to left an object up then the work that is going to be done on it is up to the depth of the oil???

    i read i few other site and it seems that every work that is done on the object is up to the line where the water or oil is (the intergration)but i'm just not sure how to picture that if the object is under the surface or some sort.
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