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Interview after I already start teaching the class?

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    So I've been contacted by a Community college I was hoping to get a small job teaching a 6 hour/week course for some extra money. The course starts monday the 15th but the interview won't take place until the week classes start!

    Has anyone ever heard of this? My contact said that I will simply start teaching the course that Monday. So this seems odd right? Is it possible that the position came up all-of-a-sudden (which I have reason to believe did happen as I know who use to teach the course) and they just need someone to teach it? And if so, is it possible that this interview would be more for them considering hiring me for courses in the future?

    YAY ME :D
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    Yay!!! The interview sounds like just a formality, and perhaps it could affect their decision to give you more courses.
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    Way to go pengy bird, that mean less time for PF antics then right ? Your posts many times make my day, since I will be out of work for about a week. I look forward to them.

    Rhody... :approve:
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    What it really means is MORE STOOPID STUDENT STORIES :D :D :D
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    Yeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!! :biggrin:

    Well done pengy (for a physicist).
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    Ahem. That's Adjunct Faculty Pengy.

    I'm going to be like this one dumb girl I use to know and put on my facebook that I'm now a research professor. I think I told you about her (I KNOW I've told Evo). She would lie like nobodies business.
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    LOL!! :biggrin:

    Way to go professor Peng!
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    Nice going! I vote for the "they already want you and the interview is a formality" hypothesis. Someone mighty sit in the class to see how you do, too, so you have a chance to shine!
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    Wear sutable attire. A tux imight be too formal. :)
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