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Intro to analysis, intro to real analysis I, numerical analysis

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    Is there a difference from these courses, or are they the same course with different names? I need to know which one to choose for the upcoming semester...
    Intro to Analysis, Intro to Real Analysis I, and Numerical Analysis
    Thank you,
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    Numerical Analysis is related to finding numerical approximations to analytically unsolvable differential equations, integrals , etc..

    Real Analysis is concerned with studying real numbers and real-valued functions.

    Real Analysis is a branch of Pure Maths whereas Numerical Analysis is generally considered in Applied Maths.
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    And for the course "Intro to Analysis", it would be best if you showed us the syllabus.
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    Each of these ( and just-about every other Math subfield) is incredibly vast with a possible good amount of overlap. Best way is to do what Fact Checker here suggested to be able to find a reasonable answer to your question..
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    Does your university's catalog or web site have no descriptions at all for these courses? For example, the University of Michigan has this:


    Click on the "+" sign next to a course name to see its description and prerequisites. Or click on one of the other sets of courses listed at the left side.

    In the US, I would be astonished to find a university or college that does not have something like this. I don't know about other countries, though...
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    Ah, thank you!
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    The challenge is that I need to take some classes from a university that offers online classes, to transfer to a different university that does not have online courses. I looked at the syllabi, everything looks similar, but some things look different. I want to make the best decision I can in order to take the correct ones.
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    So you want to receive credit for specific courses at your university, by taking (hopefully) equivalent courses at another university? There should be someone at your university that decides how closely the courses correspond to each other, and whether you should receive credit for them. It's probably not up to you!

    At the small college where I used to teach, it's the appropriate department chairman who makes those decisions. When a student wants to take a course somewhere else over the summer, or online, he/she fills out a "Transient Permission Form" that lists the course names and numbers "here" and "there", asks the dept. chair (math in your case) to evaluate the course "there" and sign the form, and then submits it to the registrar. Sometimes the registrar gets it first and forwards it to the dept. chair. Either way, the dept. chair has to evaluate the course. I had to do a lot of these during my turns as physics dept. chair.

    Different colleges and universities do these things differently, so you need to find out how it's done at your university.
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    Exactly, that is the second problem I am running into. They don't want to review the external courses until I try to transfer them. But the catch is that I don't know which external courses I should take so they will be transferable. A Catch 22. That's why I was trying to self-evaluate to see if the external syllabi matched as close as possible as the home university's syllabi. The form you mentioned "Transient Permission Form" is a great idea. I will email this idea to my university.
    Wow, thanks!
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