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Intro to theoretical physics TUTORIAL

  1. Dec 6, 2005 #1
    Hey guys,

    The FAQ was a success wasn't it ?

    I have an other suggestion : i would like to set up a thread, covering the very introductory concepts of theortical physics like:

    1) Why fields in QFT
    2) difference between QM and QFT see here for example
    3) virtual particles : what and why ?
    4) group theory and QM/QFT (explains the concept of spin)
    5) gauge symmetry for the different interactions
    6) intro to renormalization : what and why ?
    7) Higgs field/particle: what is it and why is it used ?
    8) current difficulties in theoretical physics: quark confinement, gravity...

    Do realize that i already have a lot of texts on this that have been checked upon by many of our "connaisseurs" here (Vanesch, sA, marcus,...), so most of the work is already done. Check my journal if you wanna read them.

    Does anyone else like to participate in this by writing down texts on the above topics. I also would like to ask our beginning students what topics they find most difficult and what kind of specific difficulties you run into when studying intro QFT/QM...

    Please let me know your thoughts...

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    Go for it, Marlon! Great idea. :approve: :smile: :cool:
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    i have already written some of them intro's...
    i guess i will put them in the tutorial section if i have some time

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