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InVisage: Quantum Film - real of fake?

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    InVisage: "Quantum Film" - real of fake?

    First a link: http://www.invisageinc.com/page.aspx?cont=QuantumFilm%20Technology" [Broken]. (Company's website page for it; used for their wording on the claims.)

    Then another: http://www.google.com/search?q=quantum+film". (Google Web Search for Quantum Film; used to illustrate the ruckus this has been causing at tech-aware news outlets.)

    So... basically this company says they have developed a film that achieves 100% efficiency conversion of photons to electrons. That's the part I'm stuck on. Do I think it is possible they developed something that increased the efficiency? Yes. Do I think they actually developed something that achieves 100% efficiency? No.

    Even if it were 100% increase in efficiency, I'd think that something like this would be along the lines of the transistor or light-emitting diode, as far as revolutionariness.

    (Unrelated side note: I thought I'd have to make up a new word, by improperly combining lexical structures, but apparently "http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/revolutionariness" [Broken]" is a real word. Awesome!)
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    Re: InVisage: "Quantum Film" - real of fake?

    Well, it is certainly an... extraordinary claim. But it sounds very, VERY dubious to me.
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    Re: InVisage: "Quantum Film" - real of fake?

    After looking at the web-site their really doesn't seem to be enough info to say one way or another. I think that the "100%" claim is probably exagerated, but that doesn't mean they haven't developed a remarkably better method for taking pictures. If we start seeing these things pop up everywhere we'll know for sure.
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