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Involute curve in bevel gear teeth

  1. Jun 14, 2013 #1

    I have always wonder about this. I understand the concept of bevel gear, but never quite see how the involute profile would function in a bevel gear.

    assuming that there is a tooth(either of the driving or driven gear) located at the center between two gears ( where it has the greatest contact with another tooth)

    say it is involute and still appear so to you when you look straight down, perpendicular to the face of the teeth (so your line of sight align with the teeth's face normal, and about 45 degree to the axis of the gears).

    now, if we rotate the gear such that the teeth are no longer in the center, it will no longer be involute relative to you, or more importantly to the tooth of another gear that it is in contact with, so wouldn't this create interference or causes the driven gear to not move at constant speed (say the driving gear is moving at constant speed).

    thank you
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    thank you so much for the reply and link!

    I guess my question is short is just " how does involute profile work in bevel gears?"

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