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IPad Digitizer Information

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    I have an old iPad that I don't use anymore and I'd like to re-use the digitizer on it for a little experiment (i.e. rip it out and plug it into my own creation), but I'm having a hard time coming up with any information on the device (pin layouts, data sheets anything). If any one has any resources on digitizers in general that could shed some light on any ipad/phone digitizer I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    My understanding (could be wrong) is that Apple technology is highly proprietary so you're not likely to have much luck with that.
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    I figured as much but I've seen quite a few off brand digitizer replacements for these devices that you can just plug in and have work. It's certainly not impossible to figure out so some one must have some knowledge about it. If it came down to it, I guess I could try to reverse engineer it but I'd like to avoid the guessing game if at all possible.
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