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Is a master's degree in system's engineering worth it?

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    It doesn't seem to be very technical. Seems more like a management/MBA degree. Is it worth it?
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    It might be worth it if you want to be a systems engineer or project manager; for example, if you already work as an engineer and want to move up to management. I suppose it all depends on your goals. It may not be too technical, but is probably more technical than an MBA (for example, you can do an MBA after getting a Bachelors in English Literature, but you may not be accepted into a systems engineering Masters unless your Bachelors is in a technical field).
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    I'm about to graduate with a degree in engineering technology. I doubt I'll be able to find any kind of technical employment. Would getting a system's engineering masters right after undergrad be a bad idea?
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    The short answer is I don't know. I am just starting out my career as an engineer myself. I suppose it's fair to say that working on a system engineering masters is better than being unemployed. I guess what I would do in your situation is think about getting a systems engineering masters, or other advanced degree, part time while also being employed or seeking employment. Often masters degree programs offer classes in the evening or even online so you can work during the daytime. I understand how tough it is to get a job, as I looked for a job for 8 months and applied to over 70 jobs before getting my first offer, but it is possible with time and persistence.
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