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Is an engineering minor worth it?

  1. May 14, 2015 #1
    Hi! I'm currently majoring in biostatistics and physics (biophysics concentration). Because there is significant overlap between the biophysics and biomedical engineering majors, if I take a few extra classes, I'd get a biomedical engineering minor. I'm looking to go into medical physics and maybe getting my mph, but even though it would actually be really easy to get a bme minor, I'm not sure if it would help me in any way? Should I do it?
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    I have honestly never heard of someone having an engineering minor.
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    Will the earning of that minor mean that you know how to DO more things than you would without the minor? Other than just your courses for the major field of your choice, try to learn courses that will help you be able to DO MORE THINGS, like practical things, practical skills.
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    Generally, minors are worth slightly less than the paper they're printed on.
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    don't bother with a minor, just take classes that interest you. a minor is simply electrives focused on one area. You can do that same thing in any area you want
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