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Is Calc 1 at CC enough to prep me for BC Calc?

  1. Feb 5, 2012 #1
    Here is the situation: I'm a junior taking Precalc right now and I hope to take AP Calc BC next year. My guidance counselor told me that the AP Calc BC curriculum at our school is laid out so that it picks up right after where Calc AB lefts off, so AP Calc AB is an absolute prereq to take BC at our school. My question is, if I take Calc 1 at Community College over the summer, will that take be roughly similar in terms of difficulty and content as compared to AP Calc AB? I'm asking this because I have heard that CC classes are generally alot easier than AP or 4 year college classes.
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    CC calculus is, in general, massively harder than any high school calculus course. You cover the material at more than double the pace, with fewer lectures and with generally harder problems.
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    Right, at the very least the pace will be much faster. High school classes moves so incredibly slow.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Every college and community college is different. You should talk to some combination of your math teacher, the Calc BC teacher, the professor teaching the CC course and his department head to figure out the answer to your question.
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    Depends on the instructor. Yes, it will be more difficult, but that does not mean it will prepare you more for AP Calculus BC. I suggest that, before taking the BC course and as you wrap up your CC Calc I course, to take some AB practice exams (found in various review guides) to get a feel of how difficult the AP exam problems are. Generally, they are somewhat more difficult than what you would expect to find in a college or university course.
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    Every community college is only so different. I sincerely doubt there is a community college that is accredited that wouldn't be much faster than any high school.
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    If taking calc II at the CC is an option and you do well (and are okay with the pace) in calc I, I'd recommend you take both calc I and II at the CC. You can still take the AP exam if you want the credit to be more widely accepted. If you did that, you'd still have the second semester of your senior year to take another class and you won't have to deal with the slow pace of BC. Of course, there is the matter of cost, too.
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