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Is "Centon" copyrighted? (metric clocks)

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    Is the term "Centon", as a unit of time used in Battlestar Galactica copyrighted? How would I go about finding this out?

    I was thinking about how people would deal with measuring time on other planets when I got to thinking about decimal time and what the units were called. Using seconds and hours would be confusing. It seemed to me that 1/100 of a day should be called a centon. At 14 minutes long, (on Earth) this would be a useful measurement for organizing the day. We already use roughly this unit, as most things happen on the half or quarter hour.
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    No. Google it --- you'll find "Centon" hitch covers, "Centon" electronics, ad nauseum. Time bases on other planets? Why base ten?
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    I'm aware of those, but I didn't see Centon used as a unit of time anywhere. The 2.4 hr "hour" in the metric clock strikes me as problematic since it doesn't really match anything that humans do; You need three digits for just about anything.
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