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Is Conditional Probability Influenced by Consecutivity

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    What I mean by this is,
    Say I roll a die, given the specific condition that I get four eights consecutively such as
    the same probability as if I give the specific condition that I get another specific non-consecutive number such as?


    Say I flip a quarter. Would the probability that I get HHHH in a row, the same as if I specify beforehand to get, say, HTHH?
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    I don't quite get your question. Are you asking whether the probability that you'll roll a particular sequence is dependent on what you've rolled previously? If so, the answer is no; see here,[/PLAIN] [Broken] but also see the caveat here, which may be more relevant to your question.
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    The answer to the second question is yes. I suspect it also true for the first, but yuou need to describe this peculiar die - are all numbers equally probable?
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