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Is eight months out too early to apply for industry positions?

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    I am currently in a post-doc position which will end in eight months. I intend to remain in this position for the remaining duration in order to finish my current project, get a publication, and move on.

    How early is too early to start applying for industry positions? It's my impression that companies which present an offer usually want you to start in 4-6 weeks. I wouldn't want to start for another 32 weeks, plus I'd likely need a few weeks to facilitate relocation especially if changing coasts.

    I don't want to be in a position where I might need to decline an offer due to a conflict in the start date. On the other hand, given the state of the economy, I can't help but be wary of postponing the search until a couple months from the termination of my current position.

    Any advice would be helpful :)
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    uby, any meaningful advice here would depend on what field are you completing your post-doc position, and what particular industry positions are you planning on applying.

    That being said, from what I understand, a post-doc is in effect similar to a contract job, and having worked on contract before, I would recommend applying for industry positions early to "test out" the labour market (I have had experiences where I would send out resumes and not receive an interview for that position until a month after applying).

    It's also worth pointing out that if your prospective employer asks you during the interview when you are able to start, you can be honest and state that you are currently completing your contract by a certain date. Many employers are flexible and will take this into consideration.
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