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Is Electric Toothbrush better then regular toothbrushes?

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    Hi Everyone!

    I'm wondering.. Is Electric Toothbrush better then regular toothbrushes?

    Can you please share thoughts on this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I find electric better -- I've been using one for years. Every dentist I've consulted has recommended electric over manual.
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    Absolutely better. I had a lot of teeth problems before getting a quality electric brush. Now in the past 5 years no cavities. It's been the difference for me.
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    You ought to ask this question to your dentist.

    From talking to my own dentist, and from my own personal experience, an electric toothbrush (I have a Sonicare) is definitely better, especially in cleaning the back side of teeth which is usually difficult to get at with a regular toothbrush.

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    Consumer Reports is not exactly a peer-reviewed journal, but this article does reference a set of clinical studies:


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    My dentist told me that "my gums would thank me" if I used one. And I do.
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    I also have a sonicare. The reports from my dentist have been better since I got it. I haven't always been good about flossing but have been in the habit again and the reports are better with flossing. If you were forced to pick one or the other i would say keep flossing. As far as less cavities go, you can't get any less than what I have.
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    Its way better than any regular toothbrush. :biggrin:
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    Once you go electric you're thinking to yourself "why didn't I do this earlier?".

    Electric toothbrush wins, hands down, bar none, no competition. Case closed :)
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