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Is Geography a science? It is comprised of theories, Laws and rules

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    Is Geography a science? It is comprised of theories, Laws (well Rules realy), hypothesis, some Math equations, aspects of Physics Chemistry and Biology. Also there is still much to be learned from it.
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    Re: Geography

    I would judge it to be a science covering a very broad area.
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    Re: Geography

    If you define a science as a discipline in which theories can be tested by experiment, then geography is indeed a science.

    For instance, about 450 million years ago, scientists erected the Appalachian mountains to see if people to the west of it would evolve differently from those on the east. The existence of California proved them correct. The Rockies were not erected as an experiment, but by well intentioned easterners who felt that the harder it was for Californians to communicate with the real world, the better.

    Another definition of a science is that it uses a lot of scientific jargon. Here, for example, is the wiki page on geography. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geography" [Broken]. Works for me.

    On the other hand, most scientists do their best work in their 20's, but most winners of the National Geography Bee are in their teens, so maybe it's not a science after all. But even if it weren't a science, you could make it one by adding the word physical in front of it as in physical astrology or physical chemistry. So call it physical geography and be done with it.
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    Re: Geography

    I didn't get that link working, so here is what you might have meant.

    http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Geography" [Broken]
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    Re: Geography

    Love this!
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    Re: Geography

    earth science?
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