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Computation is any type of calculation that includes both arithmetical and non-arithmetical steps and which follows a well-defined model (e.g. an algorithm).
Mechanical or electronic devices (or, historically, people) that perform computations are known as computers. An especially well-known discipline of the study of computation is computer science.

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  1. W

    Physics education is 60+ years out of date

    <Mentor’s note: this thread is closed as a duplicate of https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/the-coming-revolution-in-physics-education.954664/ > In the March 2024 issue of Nature Physics 'Computing in Physics Education' (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41567-023-02371-2) we read: "In the...
  2. Y

    Ideas for a project in computational chemistry?

    Hi all, I'm having a course on computational chemistry, as part of a bachelor curriculum. We have a project that is due to 4 weeks and I'm failing to find an interesting idea for this project that has to be done using Python. It can be anything, as long as it involves chemistry and coding...
  3. C

    Physics Can Computational Physicists Find Good Jobs In Industry?

    I am a transfer student in the states, I am considering pursuing a BS in computational applied physics. I do not want a PHD in physics, but I do love the subject. For you computational physicists in industry, do you like your job? Are there future opportunities for someone pursuing a BS in...
  4. P

    Sources to study computational materials science

    Can you recommend me a source to self study computational materials science? I am currently doing an internship and want to study in my spare time for materials science. I will take a course named computational methods in materials science but I want to learn it earlier than that but I can't...
  5. Z

    Exploring Computational Physics: Is C++/Python Necessary?

    hello I am interested in computational physics at an amateur level is it worth while learning complex numerical methods with C++ /Python to solve partial differential equations as well as for other physical applications while a software such as mathematica can do the job for you ?
  6. R

    Computational, Theoretical, and Experimental Research: A Comparison

    Hi, I understand there is computational research as well as completely theoretical research compared to experimental research. I was curious about what they are like. Could anyone point out some good papers? Thanks.
  7. P

    Physics Looking to transition from data science to computational physics

    In my late twenties, currently working as a data scientist in the UK, looking to sit A level maths, further maths and physics as a private candidate (not going through a distance learning provider) and pursue a joint degree in physics and computer science (which I know both St Andrews and...
  8. AJSayad

    Engineering Experimental Fluid Mechanics Vs. Computational Fluid Mechanics

    Hi everyone, I just started graduate school and I've been working in an experimental fluid mechanics lab. We have a shock tube and run tests on studying supersonic and hypersonic airflow under different conditions. We use Schileren imaging and transducers to take measurements during tests. We...
  9. F

    Courses How useful is control theory in computational neurosciences?

    Hello, I have the opportunity of choosing an elective course on control theory before embarking for my master's program in computational neurosciences and I am weighing the pros and cons. I am looking for advice from PF members who specialized in this field. Since I have chosen enough courses...
  10. J

    Recommendation for a platform for drawing computational circuits

    Homework Statement:: I need to draw circuits involving quantum gates and quantum states I would like a platform that allowed me to draw quantum computation circuits. That is, that it provides me with the schemes and allows me to write in latex. Many thanks in advance.
  11. M

    Comp Sci Interrupts on pic18f452 not shooting in mplab X, help? C language

    I am using MPLAB X, everything is working great when I work on examples that require smaller or no preload at all, I do not understand why that is the case, is there a limit to the TMR0L? Hello please help asap, my specific case I have: 4MHz crystal -----> 1 / (4MHz / 4) = 1MHz timer I...
  12. W

    Solid State Textbook for Computational Solid-State Physics?

    I'm a graduate student and am interested in learning computational solid-state physics. Ideally, I'd like a textbook which covers solid-state physics and the time-dependent semiconductor Bloch equations from a computational perspective. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  13. F

    Programs Computational neurosciences: what to expect contentwise?

    Hello, I was going back to university for Grad school (Master's degree) this fall in Electrical Engineering, but since my application and admission, the uni created a brand new program in computational neurosciences, and I am heavily considering to follow this path instead. Thrilling! However...
  14. jedishrfu

    B Flattening Object with Computational Geometry

  15. E

    Finding Help with Computational Chemistry on PF

    How did you find PF?: via Google Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well? Recently, I’ve been trying to calculate the optimization and Uv spectra of organometallic compounds using the Gaussian software .it’s my first time for the computational chemistry and I am inexperienced . When I...
  16. P

    I Measurement of a qubit in the computational basis - Phase estimation

    Hello, I have a question about the measurement of a qubit in the computational basis. I would like to first state what I know so far and then ask my actual question at the end.What I know: Let's say we have a qubit in the general state of ##|\psi\rangle = \alpha|0\rangle + \beta|1\rangle##. Now...
  17. T

    Computational project ideas for magnetic materials?

    For my end-of-semester project, I was tasked to investigate an aspect of magnetism/magnetic materials, to do some literature review on the topic, and code a mathematical model and display my results graphically. I couldn't find anything I wanted to do, so I asked the professor to assign me a...
  18. Falgun

    Studying Computational Skills for Theoretical Physics

    I am currently learning to code by auditing Harvard's CS50 course on edx. I am mainly interested in pursuing a theoretical physics major in the future. What I would like to know which scientific computing software/language (as in OCTAVE, SCILAB, FORTRAN, JULIA, etc ) can I learn alongside which...
  19. Arman777

    A Tensorial calculations - Best computational Language

    I have given a metric in terms of the spherical coordinates ##(r, \theta, \phi)##. The problem is that I need to find the Riemann/Ricci Tensor and Riccl Scalar from the given metric by using code. I wonder what type of language (such as Python, Mathematica, Matlab, etc.) I should use it to make...
  20. A

    What is the Residual in Computational Fluid Dynamics?

    Can someone please tell me a basic and easy-to-understand example of Residual in CFD? Thank you
  21. Eclair_de_XII

    Is it normal for a math student to dislike computational math?

    I know I'm not very good in abstract math, but it still feels more challenging and less mundane than the high school and elementary calculus courses I have been trying to bring myself to review nowadays. Part of me feels complacent about the idea of reviewing stuff I've not touched in quite...
  22. teame Yitbarek

    Background: computational condensed matter physics

    I have my MSc in 'Computational condensed matter physics'. I used VASP package for simulation during my MSc. and i am also well experienced in FORTRAN programming language. Can anyone give me short note about 'PhD in computational physics'? so that can continue my PhD in 'Computational Physics'.

    Other Unsure between computational physics and data science

    What would be better to choose as a career COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS or DATA SCIENCE Is there any pro and con?
  24. S

    Moving from Computer Science to a PhD in Computational Astrophysics

    Hi I am planning to do phd in computational astrophysics or planetary science or scientific computing simulation (least preferred in case i am not allowed to the other two). Right now I have bachelors in computer science and planning to do masters in the same. My query is should i join...
  25. M

    Computational Fluid Dynamics and refining the mesh

    Hi PF! I'm running a two-phase simulation, which takes a long time to run. The simulation is simply a partially filled tank being drained in zero gravity, and the tank is a little smaller than a mailbox (~ 160 X 40 X 40 mm). Before running the simulation I would like to know if my mesh is...
  26. ersa17

    Computational projects in Accelerator Physics

    Hello. I am not sure if this question is relevant to be asked here but anyway please help me if possible. I have just completed my undergraduate degree in Applied Physics and I am interested to pursue my MS in accelerator physics. Since I haven't taken any course in accelerator physics, atomic...
  27. G

    Physics Industry job prospects for a condensed matter computational physicist

    I'm working on a PhD in condensed matter computational physics, particularly with method development. My plan is to go into industry afterwards, and out of curiosity I've been looking at job listings. It doesn't look good to be honest. Listings for physicists mainly require some type of lab...
  28. Quantum Alchemy

    I How does Classical Physics explain Quantum Entanglement?

    As a Computer Programmer, it's hard to wrap my head around Quantum Entanglement and non locality being explained in the context of Classical Physics. In other words, if the universe at it's core is physical where does Quantum Entanglement fit within a physical picture of reality? There's been...
  29. zezee42

    Physics Master's degree: Computational Science vs. Artificial Intelligence?

    Hello everyone, I study physics in Hungary and this is the last year of the BSc. After that I would like to do my Master's degree in Austria either at TU Wien (Computational Science and Engineering) or at JKU in Linz (Artificial Intelligence). My question is: which field has better career...
  30. M

    Programs Doing a PhD in both computational and experimental condensed matter physics?

    I am torn between computational and experimental condensed matter physics for my PhD. My focus is on low dimensional systems (e.g. electron correlation/transport, broken symmetry at the boundaries). I'm currently in the process of applying for graduate schools, and so far, I've chosen all my...
  31. E

    Other Computational physics bachelor project any ideas?

    I am coming closer to finishing my undergraduate studies, and thus, I need to write a bachelor project on a certain topic. There are millions of topics, and fields to choose from, and I simply don't know what to choose. I did some thinking, and research, and realized that the most feasible area...
  32. M

    A Is computational Physics a hard major?

    Is computational Physics a hard major? To what extend I should learn mathematics and Computer Science besides learning Physics?
  33. T

    Computational Physics Simulations

    I am currently learning python and c++ and interested in the near distant future on exploring some computational physics simulations. But have seem to hit a road block. I have just finished my undergrad in physics and have some time to explore physics concepts that were never really cleared up...
  34. A

    Need a help at computational electromagnetics

    Hi dears I study numerical electromagnetics , especially FDTD method , i reached to the point at where i introduce my sources then i get an understanding problem .. at this method ( as in the attached photo ) the electric field is defined at time (t) and magnetic field at (t+dt/2) and there is...
  35. nomadreid

    Computational learnability: jump from finite to infinite

    Summary: Starting on basics of computational learnability, I am missing the key intuition that allows results about finite processes to reference results from the infinite domain. Snowball: (a) Hazard brought my attention to a popular article...
  36. D

    Programs Is interdisciplinary engineering worth the money?

    I am considering a masters in interdisciplinary engineering from Purdue with a concentration in either systems engineering or computational engineering. Is this a waste of my time and money compared to just getting an aerospace masters and taking courses in systems engineering or computational...
  37. J

    Computational Looking for books on computational QED

    I am looking for something similar to this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/3319533355/?tag=pfamazon01-20 But this is for QCD, I want the same for QED.
  38. M

    Masters of computational engineering ?

    I am almost done with 5 years bachelor of nuclear engineering, is it a good idea to switch to computational engineering, since that it will open more opportunities?
  39. gimak

    Programs Working at the center for Computational Quantum Chemistry

    Hello, I'd like to work in the above named center at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia under Dr. Henry Schafer. However, he's a professor in the chemistry department. I'm guessing if I go in the university as a physics graduate student I can't have him as a Ph.D advisor. However, is...
  40. astroman707

    Programs Is a 2nd major in comp sci useful in computational physics?

    I'm majoring in physics and I'm planning on pursuing computational astrophysics in graduate school. Will a second major in computer science/programming look good to graduate schools, and/or will it give me great advantages in the field of computational astrophysics or astronomy?
  41. N

    Schools Realistic Graduate School Opportunities in Computational Astrophysics

    Hi, I'm a junior at a Ivy League (H/Y/P/C - going to remain anonymous for privacy reasons) and I wanted your honest opinion on what my chances are for graduate school in computational astrophysics and where I should look for the best chances. GPA: 3.5/4 (working to raise this, had a bad...
  42. mehdi6

    I Computational particle physics

    Hi to all, I have a random number generator in FORTRAN, which gives a random numbers to my particles initial velocity in three dimension (vx,vy,vz). If, I want to make my particles to embark to move with a specific weight (eg. Maxwellian), what should I do? absv = sqrt(vx*vx+vy*vy+vz*vz) wt=...
  43. Arij

    Other Why Choose Computational Physics?

    Hello, I've been wondering lately why would one change study path from theoretical or applied physics to computational physics or become a simulation expert? I am a physics graduate myself and based on the job market where I live I might need to pursue material sciences or computational...
  44. S

    Math Career Advice regarding computational science

    Hi All Background 1. I am 33 Year old with around 13 years of Experience in software development. 2. Education: MCA from India which is Equivalent to Bachelors in IT per US (If i am not wrong). 3. Always interested in Mathematics/Physics and not much happy with software development work...
  45. L

    Maple Computational Hohmann Transfer on MapleSoft

    Hi, I am trying to recreate an Interplanetary Hohmann transfer orbit from Earth to Mars similar to image A below (the red line). However, Earths orbit is not circular, It is more of an elliptical orbit rather than circular. I was able to successfully plot the orbits of both Earth and Mars...
  46. Eagle9

    Programs Artificial neural network(s) and Computational neuroscience

    Hello guys :oldeyes: I need your help in order to clarify the following issue :oldsmile: I am PhD student in neuroscience and I am dealing with brain’s neuroanatomy and physiology in case of Autism. But I am more interested in Computational neuroscience, Artificial neural network(s), the...
  47. jamalkoiyess

    Computational Computational methods book for Turbulence

    Hello PF, I am currently searching for a good book that could give me insight into the computational methods for turbulence. In the lab we work on MATLAB and I already have the data for the flow but I am searching for ways to extract properties from it: flatness, skewness, some averages...
  48. mertcan

    Computational Fluid Dynamics: Dissipation Function Density Based Solver

    ((((As a correction dissipation function in picture should have square of divergence of U)))) Hi, first of all I am aware that we have to discretize the non linear navier stokes equations to reach the almost exact solution, and pressure based or density based algorithms are deployed for that...
  49. jedishrfu

    Applying Computational Physics to Car/Bicycle Accidents

    This article does an analysis of a angled street intersection where a lot of fatal bicycle/car collisions happen in England using knowledge of basic Physics and some programming: https://www.wired.com/story/the-physics-of-the-69-degree-intersection-that-kills-cyclists/