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Is it normal to have to take computer science to be able to become an engineer

  1. Dec 7, 2009 #1
    (to get a B.S. in electr. eng.)?
    at a 2 year college, but how are these related to the electrical engineering major and would there be MORE computer science classes after transfer to a university ?
    (Are the required courses at the 2 year college possibly based on which university one plans on transferring to?)
    These are the classes,

    Introduction to Computer Science
    Introduction to Computer Programming Using Structured C++
    Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
    Object-Oriented Data Structures and
    Algorithm Design

    there are quite a lot of them, this is part of the requirement for an electrical engineering major, you do some classes at the 2 year college and then you transfer to a 4 year college once you have done about 60 units of various classes at a 2 year college?
    Did anyone else who is already working as an engineer, electrical or other, have to take computer science classes?
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    CS 102 is required for just about every engineering major at my school, and is a science elective for the few majors it's not required for. You're comp sci load seems kind of heavy, but as a computer engineer I can tell you that you need to know how to program for a lot of the hardware side of EE. Most of the senior designs (for most engineering majors) at my school required programming in some form or another 'cause a lot of them end up having a microcontroller (and often sensor) component.

    Depends on the school, but at most I'd expect you'd be required to take a course on numerical analysis (at my school it's matlab, but the language can vary widely) and possibly micro-controller programming (embedded C) and integrated circuit design (VHDL/verilog), which is folded into the micro-controller programming lab at my school and is an elective for EEs.
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