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Is it ok to poll an old thread up?

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    By search, I found some useful posts, and I want to comment and ask, is that OK?
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    Hi wajed! :smile:

    Probably best to start a new thread …

    people are more likely to reply to a new thread than one with a dozen replies! :wink:

    (and of course you can press the quote button on the original thread, if you like, to copy what's already there, and to link back to that thread)
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    How old are the posts in question?

    In general, I would say if the old thread is no more than a few months old (three, perhaps), so that most of the people in it are likely to be here still, then it might be OK to start it up again.

    If the old thread is older than that, I would start a new thread, include a link to the old one, and perhaps quote any specific passages that you're interested in following up on.

    People occasionally post in threads that were last posted to, four or five years ago, and it looks really strange. :uhh:
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    I've always wondered why necroposting results in lockage.
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    A lot of old threads no longer conform to current guidelines and if that is the case, it could be locked. But there should be an explanation why. Resurrecting an old thread, by itself, is not a reason to lock, but I have seen that in a few cases.
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    That's the recommendation I would make, subject to the concerns about the quality and conformance to current guidelines.
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