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Is it possible for me to grow an inch?

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    I would just like to be around an inch taller.

    Im 19 now.
    Is it possible to get an inch up there within the next few years?
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    It is possible if the growth plates on the ends of your bones have not closed up.
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    You can get a reasonable approximation of your growth potential by observing your immediate family i.e. siblings, parents, aunts & uncles. For example, when I stopped growing I was the very same height as my dad. My brother however is 2 inches taller than me. So there is some variance (give or take a couple inches).
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    There are medical interventions available, but I certainly wouldn't recommend any of them unless this is something that's necessary for your quality of life (and that doesn't include vanity).
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    I stopped growing when I was 16 and it even seems as if I have lost a 1/4 inch or so in the last couple decades. :cry:
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    My symapathies. Same is my condition. I have not grown a millimetre since I was 14, and I am 17 now. :cry::cry::cry:
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    Yes you can grow an inch, in medieval times they used the wrack to achieve surprising quick growth rates :smile:

    Most people don't stop growing until the age of ~21, although you may have stopped growing up a while before then.
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    Actually, what matters is, how tall are you?
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    Growth hormones can be administered by a physician. Its too dangerous mind you because you don't know what kind of cells will be benefited by this treatment....namely, mutated (cancer) cells. Usually an oncologist will want to administer anti-growth hormones to combat mutations.

    I have seen growth extend into the 30s for some people so I wouldn't give up hope just yet. Associates of mine have shot up to 6'3" by the age of 16 then gone on to make 6'8" in their late 20s... there's no magic age where we stop growing. You will find your foot size will continue to grow well into middle age. (Of course, the standard shoe size may be gettng smaller:mad:)
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    i have grown 1/2 inch since i was 10 and i am 15 now but my muscle mass is greater, my feet continue to grow, genetically my family is short (except my cousin who is taller than both his parents and most of his relatives
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