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Is it possible to OD on endorphins?

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    The word endorphin literally means "internal morphine". Morphine overdose happens all the time, so is it possible (not probable) for the brain to overdose itself into a coma?

    I put this in the general area because it's more of a trivia question. Maybe somebody saw something on TV or heard from a friend of a friend....
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    Would that be like laughing to death?
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    I don't think your body can produce enough to kill you. I'm *hoping* there is a shutoff switch when you get close to ODing, but more likely it just can't produce it fast enough.
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    I hope so! :rofl:

    :rofl: :rofl:

    I'm really trying. Not there yet. :biggrin:
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    Looks like they're unrelated


    Poop, the question of whether or not it can be produced fast enough is what interests me. I can't really find anything on google because the words overdose and endorphin always point to sites talking about overdose on heroin and how it's similar to endorphins. Similar ain't good enough!
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    Type "-heroin" with the quotes in your Google search.
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    I'd doubt it,I would imagine your body has some sort of negative feedback mechanism to make your body completely shutdown before you would OD on endogenous opiates.
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    Oh man, I love endorphins. I love climbing 4 or 5 thousand feet vertical and then feeling high as a kite the next day. It is the high of all highs. Wonderful.
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    It's like that time I had a level 14 Paladin who was fighting a pack of Wyverns. I was down to my last Wyvern and only 4 hit points left, Lay on Hands and all spells already used, but I managed to roll a natural 20 and get out in one piece!
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