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I Is it possible to travel between the multiverses?

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    Do you believe it's possible to travel between our world within a different multiverse? If so, how do you believe it happens/is possible (e.g. Will we invent specialized machines or are there certain points/places that act as portals?)
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    I believe before we ask questions like this, we must first master our own universe. We don't even know if the multiverse theory is correct.

    Although, it might be possible. albeit unlikely. Black holes are a possibility I suppose, but we would next a ship capable of the conditions.
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    It depends on what you mean by multiverse. there is not one multiverse theory, rather the multiverse is an idea that seems to come out of other theories like inflationary cosmology, brane world cosmologies, quantum many worlds etc.
    In the most popular multiverse ideas like inflation and the quantum many worlds it is not possible to travel from one world to other. In brane world cosmologies gravity can move across extra dimension and travel from one braneworld to the other.
    I dont know of any multiverse ideas that allow people to travel from one universe to another.
    Of course we dont know that there is a multiverse. It may that all the multiverse ideas out there are wrong so one needs to treat theres ideas with caution. but whilst they aren't confirmed science they are not just pure flights of fantasy either but do have some physical basis on modern physical theories that are taken seriously.
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    Multiverse hypotheses are too speculative at this point to be able to answer questions like this.

    Thread closed.
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