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Is it possible to write functions in latex for figure positioning?

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    I was wondering if it is possible to write functions in Latex to place figures in a constant way during the whole document. What I had in mind is to do it in 'a matlab way', for example:

    In the document itself, you could call the function and specify the figures and the caption like this:


    and below the whole document, or maybe in another file, the function:

    function placefigures{figure1,figure2,caption}

    In this way it would be possible to change only one number if you would change your figure positioning during the whole document.

    Is something like possible?


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    Look into LaTeX macros. They should work with figures.
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    Thanks for the answer, but I'm quite a newbe in Latex so I'm affraid I need more help. Is it possible to define a value to a command, so that you can later use it to scale all the pictures in the same way? I mean something like this:


    and then later, in the figure enviroment

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