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İs it same all isotonic solution's specifications?

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    Question is simple my friends.Our using all of isotonic solution's specs are same or different each other ?
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    Andy Resnick

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    AFAIK, 'isotonic' simply means the solution has about 300 mOsm of solute. I don't know if it additionally requires (for example) 140 mM Na, 5 mM K, 100 mM Cl, etc. etc. What is your application?
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    in vitro fertilisation - I'm researching for oocyte culture, ı found its specs but I'm curioused for all cells isotonic cultures have the same specs? They r in blood and need to be blood's Osm. isn't it ?
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    No. "isotonic solution" has different meanings/composition depending on history, location and use. Sorry, I'm not more specific, but the primary research literature should have details (and comparison of various national bodies standards will also show differences). (more modern standards will tend to be more global, of course).
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