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Is it too ammbitious for four freshmen to do this?

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    Is it overly ambitious for four freshman to design and build a cyclotron, if neither of them have an advanced knowledge of physics? We are all hard workers, and can leanr quickly. We will be taking half a year to learnt he physics behind the cyclotron.
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    Yes it is. There are many safety issues that has to be addressed and it would cost a lot to build something that actually does something more than a crt tube. I think my main issue is it's not "cool" to build this stuff,it's stupid and pointless (my opinion, i'm not calling you those). So don't do it unless you have to. Why don't you build a thermal solar plant or something?
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    As Emreth indicated, it's not about the challenge or hard work, it's all about safety, with potentially lethal voltages, strong magnetic fields, and radiation if one successfully contructs a working cyclotron.

    If inexperienced people (4 freshman) are doing this, then do it under the supervision of experts in an proper environment (university or other reaseach lab).

    In my nuclear engineering department, a professor and graduate students built a linear accelerator. There was a lot of overight and review for the faculty, university, and state officials, including the radiation protection staff and officials.
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    I work in radiation safety, and I have to say that this would take a tremendous amount of oversight. I think it is overly ambitious and more dangerous than you'd imagine.
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    I can only add to the tune here...
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    I think you could make a conceptual design (just do the maths and physics and design one on paper) of one and then present it to some experts and find out where your mistakes and possible good ideas lie. This wouldn't cost more than time and it's a good way to learn all about it and perhaps add some new insight into those sorts of projects.
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    Oh, I totally agree. My group is only going to actually construct it if we have the supervision of our Local University's Physics Department. If not, no way in hell. So yeah, i totally agree. No way are wwe doing this in my basement or something.
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