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Courses Is it worth retaking a high school course you get a C in as a College course?

  1. Yes, stick with it.

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  2. No, not worth the time.

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  1. Jun 30, 2011 #1
    So, I got a C in my Spanish 3H class in high school and I heard that it was one of the courses that gives you UC credit.
    I passed the class so I can still graduate with the 3 year requirement, and I'm not sure if I'll need a language class later on in college.
    I got into the class at a community college, would taking this course during the summer be beneficial? or a waste of time (kind of lazy for the commute but that's about it, only one month and like a week of the course)
    All my counselor said was that it wouldn't effect my GPA THAT much, but by a little, would this give me some kind of an upperhand when aplying for college too or?
    some feedback would definitely be appreciated!
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  3. Jun 30, 2011 #2
    I think if you took it again, and did better, it would definitely look better when you apply for college.
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