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Is mechanical engineering the right thing to learn?

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    Hello, this is my first post on physics forum. I really want to learn to design car parts, from engine blocks to wish bones. From what I've found it seems like mechanical engineering would definitely be useful for a foundation, but I just want to make sure there isn't a field more specific I could be studying.

    Also what are some good sources for learning mechanical engineering? I looked at MIT Open Courseware but every course seemed to be missing lectures. I'm fine with any medium, books, videos, tutorials, etc.
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    With mechanical engineering, you will understand a whole lot of theories and principles, that you may as well apply to design of cars and their parts. With automobile engineering, you will probably learn these same principles, but apply them only to cars, engines etc. during your entire period of graduation. So you will be better at cars as an automobile engineer , than a mechanical engineer. The only drawback is however, you will be good, only at automobiles. That might limit career prospects for you.
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    Having never finished high-school, I can give you only my opinion. That is, you can't go wrong with Mechanical. I base that upon the fact that Auto, Aero, Structural, etc. all have a base in Mechanical. Again, though, that is only my opinion an outsider; real engineers might feel otherwise.
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    Steer away from any course called automotive engineering - never considered to be on par with other engineering disciplines. Do an IMechE Accredited MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering course - you'll have the best chance of getting a graduate job designing car parts :) - the honest truth - oh, and do a summer internship in an engineering company.
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