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Is MinutePhysics (youtube) a reliable source?

  1. Mar 17, 2013 #1
    Is MinutePhysics (youtube) a reliable source? I've been watching his videos since they started, but some of the stuff he mentions I question, or is Physics so amazing that I can't believe it xD?
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    I don't watch the channel, but looking up Henry Reich lets you see that he's got a master's degree in physics, and is working for the Perimeter Institute, as well as collaborating with people like Neil Turok. Meaning, you can assume he probably knows his stuff.

    If there's something specific from there that you feel is not right, make a thread about it and we'll try our best to explain.

    And if you're looking for other video-type physics education, look up Khan Academy.
    For college-level courses check Academic Earth or Coursera(off the top of my head).
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    I've brought a couple minutes physics videos to math/physics professors, inquiring about their authenticity, and the impression they've all given me is that there is often a good deal of oversimplification to deal with non-technical audiences, but the ideas and explanations are good.
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    This is my impression.

    The videos are oversimplification and analogies. The only bad part is people who take the analogies as absolute truth.
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    To me, they're enjoyable to watch. They give you a VERY broad overview/oversimplification of extremely complex physical concepts, so you definitely have to do more research outside his videos.
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    Also some of the more political videos are ripe with naivety and lack of knowledge like the video where he claims that photons and atomic structure are not taught in US physics class which is either semantics or lack of knowledge of the chemistry curriculum which has these topics. Followed by a list of topics which I cant possibly see fitting in a yearlong curriculum in physics. University lecturers have enough trouble teaching some of these topics as their own self contained class with more mathematically prepared students like with chaos theory.

    You could get more tangible knowledge by viewing vids like
    although they arent as flashy.
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