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Is Motion Mountain textbook good?

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    Have anyone of you used Motion Mountain physics textbook?. Many people on the web said that it is a very bad textbook. But I don't understand why it is bad?
    Do any one of you have a different opinion about that textbook? or if you too find it bad I want to know why it is bad.
    Thanks is advance.
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    No one knows that book???
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    Advice: Read the Feynman's lectures on Physics. You're better off even with Perelman's series of books.
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    Ben Crowell has some free physics texts, for both majors and non-majors, here:

    But by far the best resources on the net are the free courses from MIT, designed especially for self-learners. Here's the first course in their physics sequence:

    It includes a complete set of video lectures.

    For a text, I'd recommend looking on ebay or used book sites for a ninth edition of University Physics, by Young and Freedman. You can probably get it for ten bucks or less, and there is no important difference between it and the 13th edition that sells for $200. In fact, any freshman physics text published in the last 50 years is as good or better than a brand new one. Freshman physics hasn't changed much since 1930.

    All this assumes that you are taking, or have taken, calculus. If not, take the MIT self-study course for that.

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