Is my background too weak to study superconductivity?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I tried to study BCS theory but got stuck, here are my notes:

    I have a civil engineering degree but now I am doing a master course in physics. I know most of the undergraduate level physics including modern physics (base on Young and Freedman's book), although I cannot say I am very good at them.

    Now I am preparing for my master thesis, I want to get a thorough understanding of BCS but the experience is miserable - not only the physics but also the maths are over my head, is my background really too weak for studying this? Is it necessary for me to take some "introductory" course in relevant field? say quantum mechanics or linear algebra?

    Also, I will be really appreciated if anyone could give me some advices for the questions on my notes too, thanks a lot!!
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    It looks like your background in differential equations needs boosting, for one. Have you studied ODE and PDE?
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    All your remarks in the source are good and reasonable questions, and most are answered in introductory solid state physics books like Ashcroft and Mermin, which I would recommend you for study.
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