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Is MySQL a programming language for databases?

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    I'm confused about whether MySQL is an actual language you program in or whether it is just an environment or IDE.

    Or is PHP what you write in Mysql or can you write any language in MySQL. Can someone explain this to me? please let me know if I haven't explained my question clearly enough.
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    MySQL is a database engine that works primarily with internet based applications when talking about its relationship with PHP.

    SQL is a standardized querying language for databases and is used across the spectrum of database management software suits (like MySQL).
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    SQL = Structured Querying Language

    MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, and many other database management programs use SQL as the query language. When you want to use a database, you can pick one that's appropriate for your needs. Some of them are free, some aren't, and some of them have different features etc.

    PHP is a programming language for making web sites, and you may use an SQL database with it, in which case you use the PHP SQL library for the functions you need to make SQL queries.

    To put it in a bigger perspective. For any significant website on the internet, you generally have a program written in PHP, or Python, or Java, sitting on a server with a database of some sort (could be SQL) attached for storage and when a person visits the site, the program serves up pages with data from the database to the person's browser.
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