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Is position and resultant vectors are same?

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    Hi all..

    I am new at this forum...

    I have a question..

    Please tell me about Position vector and Resultant vector? According to my point of view, both vectors are same.. And tell me about free vector and null vector..

    Thanks in advance...
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    Doc Al

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    Why don't you explain why you think that? A position vector describes the position of something with respect to some reference point; a resultant is the sum of two vectors. These are two distinct concepts, although you can certainly have a situation where the sum of two displacements (the resultant) is the final position vector of something. (I suspect that's what you're thinking.)
    Rather than asking broad questions like 'tell me about...', do some reading (or Googling), try to figure it out, then come back with specific questions where you need a little help.
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